The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

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 REILLY, peter b., 35, Off-Grid, Armie Hammer
 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 02:39 AM

Scarlet Spider

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Peter Benjamin Reilly
" Do not think, feel…this fist in your face. "
  • SPIDER-BASED PHYSIOLOGY Given due to being the son of Ben Reilly, Peter was given a few gifts such as:

    -Stick’em Powers- Something Peter Parker himself was never able to explain was his being able to adhere to surfaces (which he dubbed “Stick-em powers”). Granting him the ability stick to surfaces with almost any part of his body with near-unbreakable bonding.

    -Omniscient awareness/reflexes- The eponymous “Spider-Sense” which allows Peter almost complete awareness of the world around him and react without thought. This coupled with his superhuman strength and agility gives him amazing capability as a fighter.

    -Superhuman Strength- As tradition with spiders, he was given the proportional strength of a spider; which he also grew with his own weight training through working out on his own or with Ben to grow his strength. His training and conditioning due to his martial arts instruction had aided much, in this regard, bringing his level beyond that of his natural level. His last known recorded strength level was around 5 tons.

    -Superhuman Agility- Peter’s biggest strength he relies on is his speed, running/sprinting regularly while in disguise to hide his identity through the city. Last known speed was around 75 MPH.


    -The Spider’s Web- Peter had trained in a number of martial arts styles, despite the advantage that the Spider-Sense and reflexes afford him, Peter was well aware of the instances that the senses would fail. So, he decided to take martial arts to help supplement such and develop his own “Way of The Spider” like Peter Parker had done before him.

    -High level intellect- Much like his father, Peter does have a high level of intelligence. His interests never took him to pursue such, instead finding how to apply that intellect to his own means. Developing his own web solution and web shooters, foregoing the usual web shooting hand sign, and instead creating one that shoots by finger guns. This also led to a deductive Mind: Much akin to his intellect, Peter has devoted a good deal of it to become proficient in the science of detection; which has aided him in his business as a private investigator.

    -Trained musician- Peter quite enjoys music, so much that he was trained in two instruments: Guitar and Harmonica. Preferring blues, Spanish, and soul.

  • -SPIDER-BASED PHYSIOLOGY- Of course with his powers there are drawbacks, should the location he is in does not have any friction he would not be able to adhere to the walls/roof/etc, rendering his “stick’em powers” relatively useless.

    -Omniscient awareness- The Spider-sense can be disrupted through various means; drugs and chemicals are the most readily available. It also cannot sense the danger should there be no intent or no believed threat from person/object. Certain sonics can also affect him by either delaying the sense or raising it to a point that could cause harm to the user (Like Thanos and Hulk had a baby level dangerous.).

    -Ethyl Chloride- The kryptonite of the Spiders. This chemical renders the spider defenseless and their body immobile, leaving them vulnerable to all manners of attack.

    -Family- Peter only has so many family left, and should they be threatened he will lose himself in going after those responsible.

    -Off Grid Status- Peter refuses to register and be known as a mutate. Taking from the idea that the more that people know who he is, the more danger would come to those he cares for.

    -Guarded- Peter doesn’t trust people. Given his vocation and his status as an off-grid mutate; Peter looks at everyone as someone that could end up stabbing him in the back. This has given him the gruff exterior he uses along with his sardonic sense of humor to keep people back.

  • Birth

    On November 23rd, of 1999 Peter Benjamin Reilly was born to Benjamin and Desiree Winthrop-Reilly. After some years apart, the two found each other in a night of realizing that in the world he lived; nothing was ever certain, and if Peter Parker could find love in Mary Jane…why couldn’t he? Desiree, who had always felt something special between her and Ben decided that; rather than play the games she had before, she would tell Ben the truth about her feelings. From there the two began a relationship that led to Ben telling her his secret.

    The reveal of the secret shook Desiree to her core. Resulting in her giving Ben the choice. Leave, or be the father to their child. Ben left. The pain he felt over being given such a choice rattled him, but none more than being told that he would be a father. He had no idea such was possible but…a child.

    There was an attack that same night. Given the fear and distraction, he was hurt. Badly. He acted on pure instinct and woke up home. Bandaged and Desiree resting over him, with tearstained cheeks. That night was the last that anyone saw the Scarlet Spider…but the world was gifted Ben Reilly in his stead, and soon Peter Reilly joined his family.

    With the help of Seward Trainor, Ben was able to craft an identity with which he could have a life with his family. Desiree returned to school to finish her schooling to become a fashion designer. Giving a decent life to their young child.


    Peter grew up as a normal child until the age of five. Ben was somewhat relieved, believing that his son would be normal. Until he walked into his son’s room and saw him playing hide-and-seek with his father…on the ceiling of the room. Desiree was fearful for their son, scared with what this could do to their son’s life. Ben, however, decided to train his son in the use of the spider powers. Hiding this from his mother for quite a few years.

    Teenaged Years

    To supplement his training with his powers, Peter begged his parents for martial arts lessons and they finally agreed. He took Shotokan Karate from the age of 13, which he excelled at receiving a 2nd-degree black belt at the age of 16, which he supplemented with training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

    Peter’s teenaged years were relatively normal; save for the occasional hormone boosted strength moment. He was well-liked among his class and the teachers praised his intelligence. He took pride in one thing, helping others. Be it with homework, certain activities that required extra hands and; his most favorite, dealing with people who thought themselves above others. Even finding a way to pick up a couple instruments.

    He became somewhat of the protector of the other students, something his father had worried about, but at the same time became proud of his son’s actions.

    Then came the war...

    In 2015 WW3 had broken out. Mutants and humans were fighting and everyone had begun to suspect everyone. Peter saw the fear his parents had over everything. Ben's work began to crack down and every day became a question of if someone would ever figure out what they were and what would happen.

    One day Peter asked his father why they didn't register. Ben was silent, looking through his son to assess the best way to say everything. Ben pulled out his old mask, it's red color had faded. "If you're going to make yourself a target..." He said, "make it on your own terms."

    Peter looked from the mask to his father, unknown to the both what seeds were planted.


    After graduating, Peter was on his way to College. But on the night of Graduation, while he was out at a party, his parents were out at a dinner. Only for that night to end in tragedy. Walking home the two parents were accosted, leaving only his mother as the survivor.

    Peter refused to believe his father’s murderer wouldn’t be found, and that the police wouldn’t find him. He was wrong on both counts. They never found the killer and Peter blamed the police somewhat for “botching” the investigation. Peter decided to follow in his father’s steps by being someone that could help others, but not as a cop. Deciding to instead become a private investigator. Helping those that the law couldn’t through his own means.

    A Spider Reborn.

    There was always that one moment that defines someone. The moment they decide how they will live the rest of their lives and who they will become. Peter’s came at the end of a case. He was working with a woman; Leslie Page. A beautiful young woman. Worked as a cam-girl. She visited Peter out of fear of someone stalking her. To Peter, it was a simple stalking case, he had dealt with them before. Secure the evidence and make sure the guy realizes the mistake he made.

    Peter had spent time with Leslie as he worked the case. Some just in observance and others he remained close. Soon he found the man. To Peter, he didn’t seem like much; but his Spider-Sense said otherwise. Peter began to follow the stalker; he wasn’t hard to follow. Soon he had gathered all that the police would need he was soon arrested and after a quick arraignment, he was sent up the river pending trial.

    The two celebrated. Peter treated her to a night out and extending an offer to Peter. Which he took to her being happy with the outcome and sent her on her way home. Peter himself, went to his office/apartment to rest. Which he did not get a lot of because he had received a call from Leslie. What he thought was a call from a drunk, young woman turned to a cry for help. The man had found her again. Found her and had taken her.

    He ran to the police, told them what happened, and they said that the man had escaped custody. They were looking, but Peter knew what would happen. Flashing to remember his father. He ran back to his office, searching for something-ANYTHING that could help him. Until he knocked over a box. A box his mother had given him, saying it belonged to his father and Peter believed her. Reason he did, was because it contained his father’s old costume. The mask laid on the floor, looking up at him with its wide eyes and Peter understood. His father's words ringing in his ears.

    Using his training as a detective and his own powers to follow the trail and finding them in a rundown part of the city. He called the police, told them it was a break in. It would get them there, but he would have his own time with him. He entered, following his senses but what he saw sent his senses in a whirlwind. There were so many things, clothing, jewelry…hair. Trophies…all of them. This man wasn’t a stalker…he was a predator of the worst kind. A serial killer.

    The entire scene sent Peter close to the edge, fighting back the vomit, fighting back his rage, he heard it. Low crying and begging for it to stop. Leslie. Peter followed it to where the man was watching her. Like someone watching a show, he was enjoying the sight of her desperation. It sickened Peter to his core. But…the show would soon be over.

    He got the drop on him. Playing with him like he played with all those women. The entire area would be his web. He chased him around and around until he reached back to the room they started. Webbing him to the ground so he could beat him again and again. The only thing stopping him was seeing Leslie. Her fear apparent as he sat over the man. He rose, motionless for a few moments as he tried to decide. Prison would be too good for him…but when he got out, he would be waiting for him.

    The police soon arrived, taking the man and bringing Leslie back. The masked man was nowhere to be seen. But he saw everything, and there he decided. Everything was still strained between humans and Mutants, leaving a hole. The City needed a hero again, and with his father's words, he would make himself a target. Scarlet Spider would be that target...he would be that hero...

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 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 03:59 AM


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Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games. We got everything you want honey, we know the names. We are the people that can find whatever you may need. If you got the money honey we got your disease... But seriously, Peter's fantastic and we can't wait to see the inevitable train wreck to come.


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