The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

Notice: Human Division employees are still much needed, even if they're depowered mutants. We would also love to see more MHA, Morlock and Purifier affiliated characters.

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 Clara Amory
 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 02:02 AM

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Clara Amory
22 | MEMBER GROUP: Human | PLAY-BY/Camila Mendes
Policy Analyst | Powers: Deduction! Pragmaticism! Not taking no for an answer. |
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  • It's very rare for Clara to admit any sort of internal fault or outward disability of her person, so she tends to walk around with the belief that she's bested all of her shortcomings as an adult.

    However, her flair for the theatrics can get in the way of her otherwise good intentions. Coupled with her bias against metahumans, Clara’s passion has the potential to become destructive to herself and others. (Case in point, getting one of her classmates ejected from their sorority after discovering her mutant status.

    And although she may display unwavering confidence on the outside, she's constantly questioning her motivations as she learns more from her best friend, Piper. Their friendship is one of the few relationships in her life that Clara considers genuine, so losing that connection would be devestating.

  • ---------------------------------------

    Story: Clara was born in Lowell, Massachusetts as one of three girls. Her younger sisters are Carlita Amory (18) and Carisa Amory (16), with Carlita being the pious one among them, and Carisa being the beloved ‘baby’ of their family. Due to their mother’s constraint as a single parent, they made the undesirable, yet necessary move to the neighboring city of Holyoke when Clara was just 3 years old. With Clara being the oldest of her siblings, she assumed a ‘little woman’ role within their meager household, and helped to raise her sisters while their mother worked as a housemaid and part-time nurse at the community’s Medical Center.

    She carried a fair amount of resentment for their missing father, who mysteriously disappeared not long after Carlita was born, and to this day the very thought is enough to put her in a sour mood. Their mother rarely speaks of him, and he didn’t seem to leave any trace behind. Rumor between her aunts and uncles would place the man in an institution for ‘crazies’, or something along those lines, but Clara could never truly confirm this with her folks in Brazil -Who, whenever the subject was brought up, were promptly shooed away by her agitated mother.

    Therefore, her childhood could pretty much be summed up as nonexistent; to the degree that she struggled to interact with other kids her age up until middle school. During her early childhood most would describe her as a carnivorous bully with a vacuous personality (earning this reputation from the fact that she challenged both adults and children with equal disdain), and foremost demanding when it came to finding a companion worthy of her time. She only learned to tolerate the presence of most people once she realized how important it was to build a following. More often than not, people needed to be led in order to survive. Whether they were conscious of this underlying fact or not, Clara never had any issue inserting herself as this aforementioned ‘leader’.

    Maturing in such a short time allowed her to hone a sharp, and tactical mind when socializing. She needed to be resourceful with her time and conservative with her emotions, and know how to plaster on a ‘warm’ smile or ‘stern’ frown whenever necessary. Out of habit, Clara is a silent judge of everyone she meets, and is extra purposeful to figure out the hidden quirks of their character. Most people she can read like an open book, and very rarely do her skills of deduction fail her when picking apart their motivations.

    Clara Trivia:

    Middle Name: Cosita
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Food: Mango, pineapple, and honeydew salad with fresh mint. Lemon pepper and chili sauce.
    Favorite Place to Travel: Brazil
    Favorite Song: In public- Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 “Aria” /// When no one’s around- Matias Damasio "I Wanna Be Your Hero"
    Languages Spoken: Portuguese, English, ASL, Libras

    Story: While attending Columbia University, Clara studied political science, anthropology, and biology. Her efforts were mainly directed towards the research and management of mutant classes. Charity work in the dilapidated areas of Chicago also led her to believe that the application of martial law into mutant-populated cities could be a significant step towards meta-human tolerance.

    On her off time, she privately works on a series of reforms implementing harsher regulations for mutant registration. The most important of these, and the one which she has the most faith in, involves mandatory blood testing and cell/bone marrow extraction for all registered mutants.


    *Excerpt from The Daily Spectator (circa 2031), Columbia University. Article 6, Author: Carla Amory-

    “...I have therefore concluded the validity of adding a new mutant classification of ‘Amino’ under the umbrella of civic law. Meta humans whose genetic information can be harvested for advantageous traits, specifically those with plant-based control and molecular-level control, can be utilized as tools for terraformation© or reverse-terraformation© for various agricultural needs. A conciliatory approach to the gene harvesting process is pending, but so far theoretical tests have not been successful…”


    [Columbia University] Academic Information:

    Degree: Bachelor of Science (4 years), 2 years of research in Inclusive Journalism (Comparative public opinion of metahumans.)
    Major(s): Political Science
    Minor(s): Anthropology, Biology

    >1st Year Questions: What are mutants? What separates normal humans from meta humans?
    >2nd Year Questions: Do mutations increase survivability? Are the physical laws of nature broken by super powers?
    >3rd Year Questions: Which powers pose the greatest threat to normal humans? Can mutant powers be altered or taken away?
    >4th Year Questions: Do genes dictate superiority? If so, can a hierarchy be built from it?

    Thesis Ideas: [1] Meta Humans as a new species of hominid. [2] Abrahamic religions predicted the advent of meta humans. [3] Assimilation of mutant communities isn’t favorable in a post-war society. [4] Parents of traditional genealogy cannot properly raise mutant children. [5] TBA


    Story: Meet the former 'it' girl on campus, the one that everyone wants to be, but they'll settle for vying for her attention. Clara loves the attention and isn't afraid of pushing for what she wants in life. Some call her selfish, but she prefers driven. She and Piper S. Harris were in the same rush group, and they've been technically friends ever since.

    Now they've both finished out their undergraduate careers at Columbia. Piper went on to a graduate program to avoid dealing with the world a little longer, but Clara ran right out to face the world. That world also includes the aggressively anti-mutant new Mayor. That also leaves her in a spot with her old friend when she discovers what Piper's been hiding; she's suddenly an obstacle to Clara's success rather than a fun tag-along. She's in a position of personally knowing a mutant for a change, but her life would be a lot easier if Piper simply vanished.

    For the time being, she continues her career as a policy analyst in New York City.

 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 05:41 AM


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