The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

Notice: Human Division employees are still much needed, even if they're depowered mutants. We would also love to see more MHA, Morlock and Purifier affiliated characters.

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 Posted: Nov 9 2017, 11:03 PM


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" Don't be ridiculous. I'm not saying I'd stab you for interrupting my Monday morning cartoons and cereal ritual. What I am saying is that spoons are deceptively dangerous and I can't be held accountable for any object that gets launched in your general direction in response to you flapping your gums during Teen Titans Go. "
  • EREBOKINESIS is the power to manipulate darkness and shadows. It can be manipulated in multiple ways.

    BASIC: Xanthe can call shadow and darkness to herself, or send it somewhere else. She can spread it in order to block out artifical lights, encompassing an area within darkness, or move it in a way that lets in more light to an area. She can also see in the darkness, and is able to feel the movements of anyone within her vicinity even when they are not visible.

    HIDING & TRAPPING: Shadows can be used to envelope a person or persons within them in order to hide from an enemy, making Xanthe and any others nearly invisible. It can also be used to wrap around an enemy, either confusing and distracting them, or physically binding them with tendril-like ropes of darkness.

    SOLIDIFICATION: The darkness can be turned into solid weapons of most shapes and used against enemies. When struck, an enemy would suffer an injury the same as they would if the weapon had been made of steel. For example, a knife can be shaped by the darkness and, if stabbed with the knife, it would wound the enemy the same as if they were stabbed with a real knife. Other useful objects can be created as well, not just weapons.

    TRAVEL/TRANSPORT: Connectedness to shadow and darkness allows Xanthe to travel within it from one location to another. She may disappear into a shadow on one side of a large room and reappear out of a shadow cast on the completely other side. The two shadows do not have to be connected, or close to one another. As long as Xanthe can visualize where she is going and there is a shadow present there, the opportunity is there. As long as she is at medium to full strength, she can also carry one other person with her.

  • The obvious main weakness of Erebokinesis is natural light. There is almost always light found wherever there is darkness. Xanthe's powers are weaker during the day, though not completely dysfunctional. Anything created during the day is harder to maintain and only lasts about half as long as during the night. Though she is not physically harmed by exposure to direct sunlight, her eyes are a little more sensitive to bright, natural, light, and she prefers not to work or fight under the sun.

    BASIC: Xanthe cannot create darkness. She can only manipulate, utilize, and maneuver within what is already there. Though she can spread shadow to cover an area, she cannot block out natural sunlight, only artificial (man-made) light. So outing a street lamp is no problem, but any light coming from the moon cannot be hidden. At best, a fog of darkness may make it harder for enemies to see, but light from above will still be visible if it is there. Also, the bigger an area, the more difficult it is to both spread the darkness and to maintain it. It's much easier to fill a room or a house with darkness, than it is an open park.

    Though some of her senses are heightened during the nighttime, and she is able to sense people in her proximity, she cannot tell who or what they are, only that they are there. This includes animals as well, should she be in an area like a forest. Therefore she will know that someone or something is nearby, and may even be able to tell it's exact location, but she will not have the advantage of knowing who or what it is until she can physically see them.

    HIDING & TRAPPING: Though Xanthe can hide herself and others fairly easily with her powers, the more people there are, the harder the veil of darkness is to maintain. She can only hide five of six people efficiently. More than that takes a lot of energy and focus, and it is even harder to maintain if it is necessary to move (flee, fight, etc) while hiding.

    Using darkness as a binding agent can be very effective, as tendrils or chains made of darkness cannot be as easily broken as tape or rope - they will not tear and cannot be cut, however, their power is linked directly to Xanthe. In order to hold an enemy within them, she must be able to see the enemy being held at all times and must be able to keep her focus. The more exhausted she is, the easier it would be for an enemy to break free - the strain an enemy puts on these bindings is felt not by the bindings themselves, but by Xanthe. Though this can be effective to hold an enemy for a short amount of time, the longer it lasts, the harder it will be for Xanthe to keep up.

    However, if she doesn't want to bind them but nearly confusing or distract them, she may simply surround them in a cloud of darkness. The effect will dissipate after only a minute or so, or until Xanthe is sufficiently out of range of an enemies attack. Though the darkness is not solid at the time, a cloud of darkness cannot simply be walked out of - it remains with the enemy until it disappears. But if the enemy is prepared for Xanthe's powers, any source of light (whether natural or man-made) will make the shadow disappear much faster (less than 30 seconds if the enemy is quick-thinking).

    SOLIDIFICATION: Any objects created must stay in contact with Xanthe in order to hold their shape. If at any time she lets go of the object, it will lose its solidarity. For this reason, weapons that must be thrown or shot like arrows from a bow, darts, bullets from a gun, cannot be utilized. As soon as the arrow left the bow or the bullet left the gun, it would disappear.

    In order to create the weapon, Xanthe must be able to picture it entirely - inside and out - in her mind. It also takes a lot of focus to hold on to the solidification, so she is unlikely to attempt to use this technique unless she is in a one-on-one fight.

    Other, useful, objects can be made as well, such as keys, but they are subject to the same limitations as the weapons.

    TRAVEL/TRANSPORT: Natural light plays a big role in the weakness of this ability. Because Xanthe cannot create shadow, only manipulate and utilize what is there, it is harder for her to teleport within shadow during the day time. She must be able to see or visualize where she is going to from where she is. She cannot materialize anywhere that any light (natural or man-made) is touching. Doing this during the day is very difficult and takes a lot of energy, so she tries only to do so when necessary. Though it is much easier to do at night, it can still be draining so she prefers to move from place to place the old fashion way for the most part.

    Xanthe cannot use this technique to teleport other people without herself included. For example, she could not be fighting Wolverine and teleport him across the forest. She can carry one other person with her, but only one. Attempting to travel a group of three or more could result in the loss of the others involved. She also cannot carry another with her if she is below medium strength. If she tries to do so and loses focus while within the darkness, the person she was attempting to transport may be lost within the shadow forever.

  • 2012 > Born March 8th, at 10:15PM in Salem Center, New York to parents Elijah and Guinevere Knight. Elijah Knight was a mutant with the ability to manipulate the element of Earth and Guin Knight (formally Guinevere Blackwood) had the ability to camouflage herself in any situation, against any color or texture of background. Xanthe's parents were both teachers at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning - Elijah was a language arts professor and Guin worked as a substitute for various subjects.

    2015 > Xanthe was only three years old when the Purifiers crucified Warren Worthington III for false idolatry. They had taken it upon themselves to murder a man who could not help what he was. This enraged many mutants, including Xanthe's father, who began to publicly speak out about mutant equality. When the Salem Center was destroyed, Elijah and Guin took Xanthe and moved Queens.

    2016-2017 > Elijah Knight attended a peaceful, televised protest in New York, New York shortly after the Time Square Riot. The broadcast of the protest is abruptly cut off and Elijah Knight and two other mutants who had gone with him disappeared. One of the mutants was later found dead, but Elijah Knight remained missing.

    All hell breaks loose and Xanthe, still a small child, didn't understand most of it. She remembers her mother becoming more angry and bitter with the world once her father had disappeared, and remembers seeing her mother crying when the news that Charles Xavier had passed away began to spread. A mutant registration bill is presented and her mother takes them away from Queens, to live with her grandparents in rural Nebraska.

    2018-2021 > Guin Knight chooses to keep Xanthe informed on everything that happens in the mutants vs. humans war rather than excluding her because she is a child. They look on from their rural farmland in Nebraska, keeping to themselves in hopes of being left alone.

    When news spread that the US passed the MRL, Xanthe's entirely family refused to register themselves in the system. They packed up and moved to Wyoming in order to avoid being identified by neighbors who knew of Guin's mothers mutations (her father was human). There, they take on new identifies and lives and refuse to use their powers in fear that they might be discovered.

    2022 > The US begins to strictly enforce the MRL law, which Xanthe's family continues to ignore. They manage to avoid registration and suspicion for some time.

    2023 > Xanthe's powers begin to emerge when she is eleven years old. They are difficult to control at first, but because of the nature of her powers, any accidents caused usually happened at night and could not be traced back to the Blackwood/Knight family, who were going by the surname Reynolds at the time.

    More information and news about who and what Division is begins to make its way through the mutant grapevine. A group of mutants that have been missing for sometime, including the other mutant that had gone missing with Elijah Knight, resurface with curious drug addictions. Elijah Knight is still missing, but talk is that Division may have had something to do with it. Nothing can be confirmed, however, as the mutants seem to have either gone insane or lost all memory of what happened to them. Guin chooses to keep this information from Xanthe, not wanting to get her hopes up that her father may come back.

    2024 > Xanthe accidentally causes an incident during the day in her backyard and the neighbors witness it. Her family immediately pack up just the essentials and leave Wyoming, traveling down to New Mexico and settling there for a time under the surname Pennington.

    2025-2028 > The momentum of the war seems to be slowing down and Xanthe's family begin to relax, settling into their home in Luna, New Mexico. When Scarlet Witch triggers M-Day, Xanthe's mother and grandmother both lose their mutant abilities. At the time, Xanthe was practicing teleportation through shadows (something she accidentally stumbled upon), and was submerged within shadow when the event took place. Though it may have just been luck, her mother and grandmother believe that Xanthe's powers were not taken because she was within the shadow at the time. Scientifically, that may or may not be accurate, as some other mutants managed to survive without losing their powers as well.

    The war is declared as over 'officially' but Xanthe's family doubt that it will truly be over for years to come. However, they still feel safe in New Mexico, especially because everyone but Xanthe is now a vanilla human and do not have to worry about being questioned in review of the MRA law. Xanthe begins to work even harder on learning all of possibilities of her powers, feeling as if she will now have to help protect her family since her mother and grandmother have lost their powers.

    At the age of sixteen, Xanthe begins going to a public school for the first time, after being home-schooled by her mother and grandparents.

    2029 > Xanthe's grandfather has a heart attack and passes away when she is seventeen. Her grandmother passes away shortly after of multiple organ failure. Xanthe and her mother continue living in New Mexico. The two quietly celebrated when Rev. Stryker and other members of Division were killed by Wolverine. It is on this day that Guin tells Xanthe that she believes Division is responsible for Elijah's disappearance, and that she believes they either still have him or have killed him.

    2030 > Xanthe graduates from public high school and begins going to technical college. She enrolls in Criminal Law classes with the aim of being a police detective. By now she has learned to fully control her powers and is learning more and more about them every day, though she continues to hide them from everyone except for her mother. Teleportation is still the most difficult ability, but she is learning more and more about her strengths and weaknesses.

    2032-2034 > At the age of twenty, Xanthe has been in college for two years and has excelled in all of her Criminal Law classes. She graduates with a bachelors with the intent to continue her education at a nearby university, focusing on homicide related investigations and sciences. In her off-time, she and her mother both try to scavenge for any information they can possibly find on Division and her fathers disappearance, but little is found and her mother becomes very paranoid, often feeling as though people are following her, watching their home, or listening in on their phone calls.

    On the same night that the "You are not alone" transmission is sent, Xanthe is attacked when walking home from her temporary part time job as a waitress. A large man in all black hits her in the head from behind, knocking her down, and attempts to drag her into an alleyway. Having taken various self-defense and some kickboxing classes, she is able to pull away from him.

    The man managed to injure Xanthe and pull her into a van. An hour later, Xanthe was at home after having killed two men and injured another in front of a crowd of people downtown. The event was all over the local news beside information about the mysterious transmission, but now the local police were looking for Xanthe and her mother. Just as they attempted to leave, people they thought were police initially but turned out to be Division surrounded them. Somehow they knew Xanthe and Guin's real identities, but Xanthe's mother was not going to let her daughter get captured. She forced Xanthe to leave her behind and escape. Agreeing, Xanthe just barely managed to get out of dodge, but her mother was captured by Division.

    After that, Xanthe was on her own. She cut and dyed her hair from it's natural blonde to red, began wearing colored contacts to change her eyes from their natural hazel to green, began wearing glasses, and even learned to use makeup to change the shape of her face. She used her powers to steal food, water, and supplies from closed restaurants and grocery stores and slept in the woods.

    Xanthe settled in Nashville, Tennessee and began to familiarize herself with the underground of mutants. They helped her to forge legal identification and multiple licenses, and she began putting out ads in the paper for private investigation purposes. It took some time, but she eventually gained a few cases, did very well, and got a good report with the locals, bringing in more cases via word of mouth. She only took cases from mutants and mutant sympathizers, doing extensive research on any person who chose to hire her before accepting their case. She also tried to take cases that would bring her closer to Division.

    She began to grow weary of staying in any one place for too long, however, and decided to utilize the internet in order to take cases from all over the United States, traveling and staying where ever she needed to for work.

    2035 > The more traveling she did, the less Xanthe began to care about people seeing her using her powers. Most mutants were registered, and as long as no one saw her use her powers for negative reasons, they had no reason to question her. She was confident that she could escape an attempted arrest from Division or any local or federal law enforcement, and truly, she almost dared them to try. She'd lost her mother and father to Division and had no sympathy for anyone who worked for or with them, and had begun to truly despise law enforcement of any kind.

    Toward the end of the year, a series of events concerning Division, a cargo ship full of innocent mutants, and Rykers island, left Xanthe asking a lot more questions. She began to privately dig for any extra information on Division, still hopeful that she could find and rescue her mother or at least find out where she might be. These events set forth an even more rebellious mindset within Xanthe. Fuck the government and fuck the system for allowing all of this to happen. The mutants that were openly betraying and fighting them were heroes.

    It was at this time that Xanthe found out about the Morlocks, and requested admission into the group.

    2036-current > Since then, Xanthe has continued to take cases all over the United States as a private investigator, doing whatever she can to quietly dig up any and all information about Division to supply the Morlocks with. She has not yet located her mother but continues to search for her. She considers herself one of the more peaceful Morlocks, staying away from the riots in order not to put too much spotlight on herself. She prefers to stay more behind the scenes, in the dark.

    PERSONALITY > Despite her bitterness toward Division, law enforcement, and the government, and her seriousness regarding her job and devotion to the Morlocks and finding out any and all incriminating about Division, she is a fairly laid back and even somewhat a goofy individual. Her abilities do not generally reflect her outward appearance. She dresses casually and smiles a lot. She only speaks more seriously with clients and closer, personal friends (she only has a few). Years spent fending for herself have left her confident in herself and her abilities and she's able to support herself independently. She doesn't care to stay in one place for too long, but frequents Nashville and Chicago because of fond memories and friends. She loves dogs and birds, enjoys a good drink now and then, and still watches cartoons when she gets the chance. As a friend she's dependable and loyal, and although she doesn't look for them, she won't back down from a fight.

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All done!
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She's got issues, like, a lot. She should probably talk to somebody, or maybe develop some really terrible coping mechanisms. We're excited to see where her journey takes her and just how far she'll be willing to go to find the information that she's looking for and who she'll run into on her way.


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