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    “This next throwback jam is for all of my mutie brothers and sisters who are truly ‘Staying Alive’...”
  • SPRING 2038!

    Welcome to the year 2038, where the heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives on file being and being tracked. New York City is a shell of its former self but still remains a beacon despite all that has happened there. Despite this, a mass exodus brought people to the new country capital; Chicago. Which is why so much money and effort has gone into attempting to restore it to its former glory. Chicago isn’t the only thing rising from the ashes of a world that no longer exists. The children of former X-Men have come together to bring back the much needed hope that only they could bring. The road is long and will not be easy for anyone, but something has to be done before it’s too late.

    DIVISION: 12

    HUMANS: 14

    OFF-GRID: 33


    GHOSTS: 2


    WOMEN: 37

    MEN: 38

    admin notes!

    Unless on they appear on the canon list, mutants working for Division are banned until the further notice. IE until the number of humans in this category out number the mutants. We would also love to see more MHA and Morlock affiliated characters.



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 Peace is a right, Tag open
 Posted: Apr 27 2017, 07:59 PM
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The assembly hall of the United Nations was massive, even to his royal standards. Each designate of the various nations was allowed a very spacious desk. Enough to spread out and not rub elbows with his neighbors. Sure from his own point of view Konstantine could have designed the space more efficiently. Eyes scanned the large space, the pillars, and the layout of the podium as the dictator of Latveria approached it. His audience was silent has the ruler of the Eastern European power house strode confidently up to the microphone.

Placing his paper work down on the podium, wrapped in a folder made of only the finest leather work, he could tell the podium probably cost more than some commoner’s homes. At least here in these United States. ”Ladies and Gentlemen.” The scruffy doctor said calmly, as if the whole crowd didn’t even phase his nerves. ”I come before you not as a king, rival, or villain. No, I come before you as a friend, an ally.” Konstantine said scanning some of the various faces in the crowd. Some of which he already had in his pocket, others not so much, but he dreamt of fixing that soon enough. ”Mutants.” The man said not with distain, but with a note of compassion. ”This topic has been brought up so many countless times in the past within his hallowed walls. Rather it’s been to completely extinguish the rouge population or deal with them in a more humane way.” With a flick of his wrist Konstantine Von Doom opened his leather bound notes. The lighting around the hall dimmed, allowing him to begin his presentation.

”Some of you know the situation in my homeland.” Konstantine pointed towards a chart that showed very accurate numbers on the crime within his boarders. It was rather close to zero. Von Doom prided himself upon this stat. It took his father all his power to get his own country in line. Even then he ruled through fear. ”Crime and subversives are at an all-time low. A figure not seen since the days of the old monarchy ages ago.” He said with a sly grin as pictures of the happy population were displayed so that all could see.

”How do I accomplish this? Simple. Technology.” Konstantine said raising a hand towards two holographic displays of his latest Doombots. One was the size of an ordinary human being. The other was the size of a ten story building. ”Not to worry comrades.” Raising a hand to calm the nervous sheep within the room. He knew that they’d be tense after seeing the security force. Especially after seeing what those old outdated toys did to the city. ”Ladies and gentlemen, the future.” The dictator of Latveria rounded the podium and walked down the few steps, in front of his holographic creations. ”Not only are they light years head of anything out there in terms of programing on the market, but they come also equipped with the latest tracking software. Able to process situtations in the blink of an eye. There wouldn’t be anymore sad tales of someone losing a father, mother, child, or sibling. These silent guardians have over seen my country for years. Now I offer it to your very own.”

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