The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

Notice: Human Division employees are still much needed, even if they're depowered mutants. We would also love to see more MHA, Morlock and Purifier affiliated characters.

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 SOFEN, elena j., 25 | Division | Juno Temple
 Posted: May 23 2018, 05:40 PM


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" The true beauty of life is death. It's honest, it can be spontaneous, and it doesn't care about your plans. "
  • Before the fragments of the Lifestone Tree activated her dormant mutant gene, Elena was an example of PEAK HUMAN CONDITIONING, credited to both her strict fitness regime and diet since childhood and to that of enhanced genes passed down from her mother, due to the long term exposure to the Moonstone and the effects of the radiation on a molecular level. Having been raised in the famed Stryker Institute for Health and Wellness since birth, Elena had constant access to several state-of-the-art programs not only designed to nurture her physical wellness, but her intellectual gifts as well.

    ++ Elena possesses below average skill when it comes to engaging combatants in close quarters. While she has been given all of the training that one would expect for a person in her position, she simply does not do well in such situations. She is quite proficient with a knife, due to her knowledge of the human anatomy, but must be given ample time to plan her strike.

    ++ Where as her siblings inherited their father's uncanny marksmanship, Elena did not. While she is capable of shooting a firearm, throwing an item, etc. she cannot do so with any elevated skill, proficiency, etc. She is more likely to hurt herself or her teammates when presented with a firearm or other ranged weapon.

    ++ She has received advanced levels of training when it comes to infiltration, burglary, and surveillance, and is among the best the division has to offer. She has a keen eye for details and as a uncanny talent when it comes to escapology and evasion of assets in the field. Elena, more often than not, is only found when she wants to be found and can break into just about any location required, given the right information and planning. While she is capable of acocunting for variables on the field, it does slow her down.

    ++ While Elena is capable of formulating plans of attack and overall operational management and execution, she is more capable when left to her own devices and matters that involve her sisters. She simply does not care for the well-being of others enough to put in the effort to protect or save them in any given situation. She views such endeavours as boring and without merit.

    ++ Elena is a wolf in sheep's skin, ready to shed her facade at any given moment to suit her needs. While this occasionally intersects with their mission, more often than not, it's the long game of cat and mouse that she is attempting to win. She is fluent in English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Russian, and Portuguese. She is capable of picking up the nuances of languages to a seemingly preternatural level, as well as the reading of body language and microexpressions. She knows how to read people, interact with them, and bend them to her will when given the chance.

    ++ Between the three sisters, it's no secret which one is the intellectual heavyweight. When not on the field she is often caught simply observing others and smiling. A student of social philosophy, she spends her free time examining the lives of her teammates, their behaviors, hopes and fears, etc. as a way to find out what makes them tick. Gifted even as a child, by the time she reached adulthood she had already obtained degrees is Sociology, Psychology, and Biology.

    ++ While not prone to using force like Elizabeth, Elena is quite talented in getting information out of people. Through general conversation, intimacy, etc. she tends to work better in situations where there is no rush. She works best as an undercover operative versus that of a blunt tool, forcing the information out by any means necessary. She enjoys playing a role and sinking into it. Sometimes, detrimentally so.

    Elena’s mutant ability is the creation and manipulation of GRAVITATIONAL SINGULARITIES. She is capable of manipulating a single point in the space-time continuum in a manner that simulates a gravitational singularity on a localized scale. What this allows her to do is create a designated point that, when activated, pulls all mass within a designated area towards its center. Due to the controlled manner of the singularity and control of the present fields, this allows Elena to monitor and control the gravitons and keep the singularity from collapsing in on itself. This is done by not only the manipulation of the singularity, but that of the opposing fields surrounding the containd event.

    The proximity that these events affects is tied directly to the size of the singularity and the amount of control Elena can maintain over them. Uninterrupted, she is capable of creating a singularity with a diameter of twelve feet that can affect the mass within a hundred foot radius. While the attraction isn’t strong enough to tear matter apart on an atomic level, it is strong enough to generally pull anything towards the center with relative ease. For this reason, singularities are usually kept fairly small to avoid grand displays of destruction, unless otherwise instructed to do so. The general singularity she creates has a diameter of three and an attraction range of twenty-five feet.

    While the application for this ability are quite obvious, as it makes clearing a room or condensing targets into a single area quite easy, it's also never fun to have a singularity created inside your chest, or your skull. The results are very similar to what happens when she creates a singularity in a room, or outside. But instead of chairs, bodies, or vehicles being drawn to the point of contact it is muscle tissue, organs, blood, etc. While she is not capable of creating large singularities in the human anatomy due to the nature of the nervous system and interfering fields internally, she is more than capable of causing lethal amounts of damage given the right amount of time and focus.

    Where as her sisters are capable of dramatic shifts in gravity, she is capable of removing the effects of gravity entirely from an contained space (125,000 cubic feet = 50 x 50 x 50.) While the other two refer to this ability as a ZEROSHIFT, she finds the term to be silly. This is done in a similar manner to the creation of the singularities, as she manipulates the fields of the gravitons constantly to suppressing the fields and simulating a lack of gravity. This is best done in areas with no windows, closed doors, etc. The more open space, the less control she has over the gravity. When done in conjunction with either one of their abilities, this levels out the gravity and returns it to normal.

  • THE TIE THAT BINDS: Whereas both Elizabeth and Emily are stronger when in a defined vicinity of their siblings, Elena grows more powerful when separated from the two. The longer she remains separated from her sisters, the wider array of abilities she gains access to. Theoretically, it is possible that she actually has a full control over gravity and that it is the proximity and nature of their abilities that keep them each contained to only a designated area. When without contact of her sisters for up to twenty-four hours, she exhibited the use of flight through the manipulation of earth’s field.

    This newfound strength comes at the expense of not only her own wellbeing, but that of her sisters. While she gains access to new abilities she slowly loses the ability to control her personal field of gravity and thus becomes susceptible to the side effects of such radical changes in gravity and space that surround her. More so, when she reenters proximity of her sisters her, for a period of twenty-four hours her sisters lose their abilities entirely. This happens because of the sudden fluctuation in Elena’s abilities. The longer she remains without contact with her sisters, the worse it gets.

    When she reenters the vicinity she subconsciously begins to syphon and regulate her sister’s energy fields, using them as a means to stabilize her own. This causes her own to strengthen while both Emily and Elizabeth begin to feel the side effects of GFS. The longer she’s away, the more she initially pulls from her sisters. Thus, anything more than seventy-two hours and the likelihood of her reemergence being lethal to her sisters skyrockets.

    BLACK HOLE SUN: When most people speak about her abilities, the ultimate fear is that she's going to simply create a black hole and just damn the world. While, theoretically, this is possible, to do so would ultimately lead to not only her death, but that of her siblings. The scope of control that would be needed to create such an event would not only take all of her control, but the help of her siblings. The manipulation of the space-time continuum in such a manner would require absolute precision and constant focus upon not only the event, but every single graviton not only involved, but surrounding for miles.

    The variables that would go into the creation of a black hole in such an environment are astronomical. Even if such an event were possible in the earth's atmosphere, to do so, even if they were able to control it, would be suicide. As they would need to be in close proximity to the event to not only maintain it, but to be the final little nudge that turns the contained singularity into a full blown black hole. Nobody really wants to be there for that. Not even Elena.

    GRAVITATIONAL FLUCTUATION SYNDROME: A more extreme form of SPACE ADAPTATION SYNDROME, the term was coined after seeing the adverse effects of the abilities upon the sisters. While only Elizabeth is capable of consciously manipulating her gravitational field to suit her needs, all three of them possesses their own field of gravity that suits not only their needs, but the nature of their manipulations and is seperate from the overall field of the celestial body they stand upon. As such, variables that affect their fields tend to have detrimental effects both mentally and physically to the women.

    Short interruptions and changes can cause nausea, general discomfort, dizziness, and migraines, as much like SAS, it throws off their vestibular system. Prolonged removal from their own personal gravity can result in organ failure, internal bleeding and eventually that of death. Mood swings are common as are emotional outbursts. While Elizabeth usually succumbs to her more violent personality traits when affects, Emily more commonly becomes quite emotionally fragile. Elena walks around in a near catatonic state, seemingly only reacting to extreme stimulation and does so quite violently.

    While when seperated, the girls lose their primary abilities, they do not lose their subconscious ability to regulate their own fields. As such, during the initial time period, while they may suffer from the effects that are associated with short interruptions, they are not considered fully removed, and thus do not suffer fatal side effects.

    MOONSTONE: While it is often the piece that is credited with activating their dormant mutation, it is also quite detrimental to the sisters. It is for this reason that the Moonstone is kept with their handler at all times. It acts ad a double-edged sword. When one is exposed when separate from the pack, they grow stronger and exhibit abilities that are near identical to their mother's. It comes with a price. While one sister gets stronger, no matter the distance, the others get weaker (including Elena.) It is possible that the sickness is merely a side effect that will fade away as they learn to use their abilities more.

    In doing so, potentially unlocking an array of abilities that fall in line with those that were gifted to Karla by the Moonstone, or possibly even a greater control over not only the gravitons they manipulate, but gravity as a whole. But when the girls are exposed when linked, they become violently ill within minutes before falling into a comatose state.

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Kee | Thirty | KeeMaster (Trillian)
 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 09:26 PM


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 Posted: Jul 4 2018, 05:23 PM


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ngl, GRAVITATIONAL SINGULARITY CREATION sounds scary af. Naturally we're on the edge of our seat to see it in use.


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