The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

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 HALIFAX, archibald r., 35 | Division | R. Gosling / J. Morgan
 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 12:16 AM


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" The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. "

    Archie was taught how to track and hunt from a very young age. By the age of twelve he was being trained to fight by the Purifiers, some of whom taught him how to translate his knowledge of hunting animals into how to hunt mutants. His training put extra emphasis on close quarters combat and knife work. He avoids physical confrontation and more often than not go for the quickest or least painful method of killing in any given situation. Unlike his counterpart, Archie does not enjoy inflicting pain. Due to the nature of the relationship between them, Edward has all the same skills as Archibald.

    Having absorbed what would have been his fraternal twin brother in the womb, Archie is a genetic chimera. His is a relatively mild version of this, resulting in him having two different sets of dna within his body.

    M-Day Depowered; Previously Repressed

    Up until M-Day Archibald had a unique X-Factor that allowed him to physically change and adapt on a genetic level. In essence he was, or would have been, able to re-write his own genetics ‘on the fly’ so to speak. Unfortunately for him being a born and raised a Purifier, who had pre-existing psychological trauma involving mutants, Archie never embraced this mutation. In fact he managed to completely block out any and all knowledge of having discovered his ‘freak’ status. Ultimately his extreme denial was what allowed him to pass as human on the X-Gene tests, as even though he didn’t actively use the power it continued working subconsciously.

    Without his knowledge, Archie’s powers altered him on a cellular level so that he would not die from the side effects of the mutation held in Edward’s genes when it eventually unlocked. As this power was never properly put in check all it had to go on was what was going on in the back of Archie’s mind. This entwined with the psychological divide… did something that could very much be considered ‘bad’. Over time Archie accidentally created a second face, second voice and a second set of fingerprints all of which belong to Edward (Joseph Morgan). With it being Archibald’s power and him being the original and default personality, even when Archie wasn’t in the driver’s seat he was able to prevent the second self from manifesting.

    When Archie was depowered on M-Day the genetic re-writes were not undone, just locked into place. After M-Day, and perhaps as a universal karmic ‘fuck you’, whenever Edward became the dominant personality their body would shift into the second form.

    Active; Mastered

    This ability is fairly straightforward, but occasionally disguises itself as the power to freeze. As far as Edward is concerned anything with a temperature higher than 0°C/32°F is fair game for him to drain the warmth from. This of course includes living things like puppies and people, and he is not likely to bat an eye in regards causing them to freeze to death. Edward has perfected his use of this power to the point where, with consistent skin-to-skin contact, he can drain all the heat from an average adult human body in 30 to 90 seconds. While there are certain types of heat that are taxing to drain and store, he is able to absorb things like hot air and body heat on a near limitless level.

    This power makes him immune to things like heat stroke you cannot conventionally cook him alive. Regardless of how much heat he absorbs his body temperature will not raise to dangerous levels; except for when he intentionally uses his secondary power. Edward's resting body temperature sits at approximately 43°C/110°F, which means at least his hands are always warm. While he does not require heat-theft to survive, he does however require it to start fires.

    Active; Mastered

    By channeling all his absorbed heat into his hands, Edward is able to start fires. Sometimes he is able to do this simply by superheating his hands and touching an object. This superheating can reach a maximum of 233°C/451°F without him having to coat his hands in flames. He is capable of instantaneously igniting a single finger or his entire hand. It is easier to coat his entire hand than it is to channel it to a finger, and it’s easier to channel it to a finger than it is to coat an entire arm. Edward is capable of controlling the intensity and duration of the burn, while generating the flames in question.

    This power has the side effect of making Edward internally and externally fire-resistant (see weaknesses).

    aka Adaptive Metamorphism and Dissociative Personalities

    Though Archie is depowered, his former mutation has left lasting issues for both of his personalities. They may have different minds and different heads but the rest of their bodies are shared, which mean when something happens to one it happens to the other. Getting shot, stabbed, tattooed or even short term things such as food poisoning or the flu are things they both must deal with when it’s their turn to be in control. This extends to getting intoxicated, only in the case of mind altering substances. the personality who was not doing the drinking seems to be affected worse than the primary was.

    Prior to M-Day, switching between personalities was a subtle act but now that they actively change appearance there is a danger of discovery. Between one being a Purifier and the other a serial killer, witnesses to the transformation are a danger to both halves. Edward, being the personality aware of the situation, knows that the most likely outcome of discovery would be their death. Which has played an important role in some of the things he does when in control of the body, ie to date he has killed every witness to his transformation.

    Between the bones breaking and the tissue tearing and reforming into the next face, means that the transformation itself is excruciatingly painful every time it happens. Edward is the only one who ever actively feels the pain from the change, while Archibald is left with only a headache and nausea from the fluctuating growth hormone levels that aid in the change. The imbalance of pain has played a role in keeping Archie in the dark about what’s really going on and allows him to continue to write things off with a series of banal excuses.

    There are several things that can trigger the switch between Archie and Eddie, some of which have proven to work better. Lack of sleep, intense pain (outside of the pain caused by transformation, psionic especially) and prolonged exposure to certain temperatures are the methods that mutually weaken one half to the other. For instance, if Archie gets too warm and stays that way too long Edward may make an appearance. Alternately if Eddie gets and stays cold too long, Archibald may take control. Since Archie is the original, there are more things that could cause him to lose control than there are for Edward. Emotional stress is high on that list as psychological trauma was the gateway for Edward’s sentient existence.

    It should go without saying that neither can live a full life while the other one exists.

    The Good Son: Though he’s been sharing a body with Edward for most of his life, Archie only became aware of a man named Sparrow after joining Division. He does not know what the real relationship between them is and believes that Sparrow is his stalker who is hellbent on destroying his life. Edward has been manifesting on and off in different ways for the majority of Archibald’s life. He has no memory of this due to a combination of things over a long period of time. Starting with how young he was when it began (as Edward appearing to him as a separate person), blacking out and losing time later on, and ultimately also the electroshock therapy he was forced to undergo as a teen. It doesn’t hurt that he’s very prone to ‘zoning out’ or otherwise being in his own head a little too much.

    Nowadays, while he does technically loses time he just doesn’t know it. His mind makes up plausible events to fill the gaps when he loses control over their body. It’s like he enters a dreamworld where bits and pieces of reality leak in. The leaked in reality however, does not typically cover everything he’d want or need to know - but it does often play a role in how good he is a finding mutant hideaways. For the most part, Archie just believes he has a shit memory.

    Due to his job and his Sparrow issues, Archibald leads a life generally revolving around paranoia. You could say he leads a ‘single-serving’ life. He typically only eats and drinks what he himself made for himself, was pre-packaged and the person who made it had no idea who would be eating it, or it was made for him by a fellow Purifier. He only purchases enough groceries to do him a single day and uses travel size toiletries as there have been a series of unsolved tampering issues over the years.

    The Other Guy: Though starting out as Archie’s friend, confidant, and protector, Edward has grown to genuinely hate his other half. He has been aware that he shares a body with Archibald, for the majority of their time together. This awareness, knowledge that it’s why he’s ‘allergic’ to the sun, and hatred for his human half and his Purifier lineage has gradually driven him over the edge. Adding in what happens to him when he’s not in the driver's seat of their shared body has caused him to develop a short temper and a complete inability to take rejection. His vindictive and all around mean streak is to the point that he is willing to go out of his way to fuck with Archie, even if it means harming himself too. Over all, Archibald is his main weakness.

    Sharing a body has had the side effect of dwarfing Edward's mutant abilities. For instance, while he can absorb the heat from an average fire, phosphorus fires and cosmic fires are a little too much for him to handle for different reasons. So is lava. Unfortunately for him, sharing a body has also caused him to develop an extreme sensitivity to sunlight. While he can absorb heat from the sun, it has to be done either indirectly or in small quantities as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight has proven to be hazardous to his health. General overheating and direct sunlight causes Edward’s skin to blister, peel, and potentially even catch fire like he’s some sort of vampire. Despite being virtually fireproof, catching fire due to overheating is extremely painful, potentially lethal. The pain of this is typically enough to force control back to Archie, who will exhibit no signs of ever having flames on his skin. Due to the extremely destructive nature of the transformation, Edward essentially gets destroyed and put back together every time so when he returns he shows no sign of having been on fire either.

    Somehow, this ‘allergy’ does not affect Archie who is capable of walking in sunlight unhindered. However, Edward's heat absorption in general does affect him in some ways. On a low level, Edward's absorption of ambient heat is always going which unfortunately causes Archie to be perpetually cold. Archie doesn't know why he tends to always be cold, but he comes up with reasons that makes sense to him to explain it. (ie he's tired, low blood sugar, poor circulation, low body fat percentage, etc). The only parts of Archie that are fire-proof are the parts with Edwards DNA traces, which means you could conventionally cook him.

    Just as Edward can only absorb heat via touch, he can only start fires by touch and it is not subtle. Simply superheating his hands causes his hands to glow from the inside and going “full pyro” causes his hands (and occasionally his forearms) to become coated in flames, which means there’s nothing subtle about this ability. While he is fireproof and when the situation calls for it he can extend the flames up his arms, he cannot coat his entire body in fire. He is only capable of the arm thing if both his hands are on fire, but the extended flames are a drain on his heat reserves. The lower the reserves, the less fire he can produce and the less time he can burn for. Edward is also incapable of controlling the fire itself after it has spread from his body, nor can he control fires started by other means. Additionally he is incapable of absorbing the heat put off by his fire while he’s generating it, as this would be counteractive.

    Other factors that could be problematic or just entirely negate Edward’s powers are things like the lack of heat (ie the cold) or the lack of oxygen. His temper and anger issues occasionally make it difficult to control his powers, but this control is always of a ‘cannot turn it off’ nature. This lack of control primarily manifests in the form of involuntary superheated hands.

  • You are are Archibald Riverton Halifax the third, named for your father and his father before him. You are the first born child of a proud man and you were born sickly, but you are his son and it is not your fault. In fact from the moment he first sees you, in his mind you can do no wrong. Nothing will ever be your fault. Your father decides your weak immune system is your mother’s fault. After all, her bloodline can’t be traced quite as far back as his. He doesn’t hold this against her, he loves her anyway. She’s stimulating, smart for a woman and knows her place in the world but this will not stop him from using your every ailment as emotional blackmail against her for the rest of their lives.

    You are four years old. It is October and you are curled up into a ball and shivering in the gardener’s shed. You have been hiding there all night, atop the fertilizer bags but under the tarps. You won’t remember why, but it’s alright because you are not alone. I am with you now and I’ll not let anything happen to you. You’ll not have to think of blood and death and horror. Not ever. Not unless you wish to. Not while I’m around. We’re brothers you and I, it’s what any good brother would do. It’s far more than what Mummy’s ickle precious baby Blaine could ever possibly do for you. We’ll be best friends forever, you and I, you’ll see.

    We are ten years old now, and we are big brothers once again. Her name is Lillian and she is so pale and tiny and perfect. We decide that we will be the best big brothers we can be. We’ll protect her from any and everything. We’ll even make sure she never draws Father’s ire the way Blaine is so fond of doing. We would get along so much better if only Blaine would behave.

    You know I wasn’t really trying to hurt him, right Archie? I only wanted to scare him a little! So he would stop trying to tattle on us. Honest! I swear! I could never hurt him. He’s our brother, we love him. Don’t be such a little baby, Archie. He’s going to be fine, father says so. Will you stop? Of course she’s crying, Mother cries all the time and usually about nothing at all. Because she’s not like us, she’s not like father. She’s weak. Just like Blaine’s bones.

    Oh come on, that was funny!
    You can’t ignore me forever Arch, I’m your best friend. And you’re mine!
    We promised!

    NO! What are you doing? Don’t! You’re going to ruin everything. STOP! You promised! You can’t make me go away, Archie, you can’t! Please! PLEASE! Please don’t send me away, don’t make me go to the dark place. I don’t like the dark. It’s scary and I think there’s something else in there. Don’t…


    By the time the false idol is slain on television, life in the Halifax household had regained its natural balance. It was as though Archie’s malevolent imaginary friend had never existed, and in time Archie himself even forgot. His willingness to let it all was was in part because his father’s beliefs had rubbed off on him. Edward only existed because mutants are insidious creatures who seek to harm good, God fearing people. They had chosen to target poor little Archie because his father is beloved in their community, and he has always been his father’s favorite child. His father and his friends from church insisted that ‘Edward’ was gone because they had put at stop to the outside influences at work. Archie believed. Why wouldn’t he?

    Archie is fifteen and his lungs are burning. He is pounding on the ice above him but it will not break. The million icy needles are no longer stabbing him and he feels a peculiar lightness. He is no longer starving for oxygen and believes that he might be dead. It is not long before it dawns on him that the dead don’t breathe, and he is in fact breathing. People don’t breathe under water, you complete wanker. Archie is too busy watching his hands change before his eyes to hear the faint antagonizing voice in the back of his head. His hands have morphed into freak hands, like those of the creature from the black lagoon. They are webbed and amphibious and Archie is screaming in horror. The world pulsates around him and grows brighter and brighter until there’s nothing left.

    For the first time in what seemed like an eternity Edward is out of the dark place. He takes only a few minutes to revel in this fascinating turn of events. To flex and test and laugh at his brother’s weakness. He has never had this much control over their body before. He hopes it lasts, but the cold is making him feel sick and knows he must find his way out from under the ice. As he effortlessly swims through the lake it occurs to him that he is swimming. Eddie never learnt how and yet he is doing it, his shared vessel is doing it with ease. Archie is on the swim team. He does this all the time. It’s his skill.

    Archie gets to swim and play hockey, and act in school plays. Archie gets to have friends and walk in the sun and go on dates with pretty girls. Eddie hates him. He hates his traitorous brother, his once best friend. He hates him. He hates him. He hates him. This is what Edward is thinking about when he spots the perfectly round hole in the ice above him. It is all consuming thought that scalds his soul reminding him of only how cold he is. How cold the dark is. How cold the dark water is. He is freezing. The hole is big enough for him to fit through if he tries.

    They are a tall thin boy.

    The man above the ice is startled and frantic seeing the tall thin boy awkwardly crawl out of his fishing hole. Their gills and monstrous hands quickly disappear. They are normal again. The man is speaking fast but Edward is still consumed, his soul is still on fire but he is still freezing. The man puts layers of old blankets around their shoulders trying to help warm them. Edward is staring into the center of the hot, hot space heater warming the small shack. He deserves warmth. He deserves love. He deserves to walk in the fucking sun. The man is harassing him, still freaking out about the boy who crawled out from under the ice he is asking repeatedly if there is someone he should call. The man gives up and says he’s going to call the authorities. Edward turns on the man. His fist colliding with the old man’s face, knocking the fisherman off balance.

    Eddie is on top of him now, with his hands wrapped around the man’s neck. Screaming wordlessly down into the stranger’s face. It feels good to let it all out. A strange warmth spreads through him chasing away the bitter cold clawing at him with every breath. His hands are no longer shaking, numb and blue. They are rosy and warm, but the man is now an icy blue and his eyes are frozen open in an unreadable expression. Eddie examines his nice warm hands in the cool lantern light. He places a hand on the wooden wall to brace himself as he stood on uncertain legs. With that touch the old wood caught fire. He is confused only a moment before he is laughing again.

    Archie is seventeen and staring at the white ceiling of his white room. He is unable to sleep, but it is not the storm raging outside keeping him awake. It’s the knowledge that after the coming day, nothing will be the same. He won’t be able to officially join the war next year. His war. The war he had been training to fight since he was a small child. There were other ways and other places to contribute to the cause. Of this he has been assured repeatedly. It does nothing to stop the nagging disappointment or the uncertainty that was to follow. They say it’s for the trauma of nearly dying, of falling through the ice, that brought all his old traumas to the surface. Archie has accepted that the treatment is for the best. After all. Blaine had almost died again.

    Edward is screaming in agony. Everything is on fire, everything part of him is hurting. When the waves of pain subside he is laying on the disgusting carpet in a cheap motel room. It takes him some time but he staggers to his feet and makes his way to the bathroom. Gripping the sink tightly he turns on the water and splashes it on his face. Looking up he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror. It is not Archie’s face staring back at him. It is someone new. It is him. It is exactly how Edward thought he would look if he had a face of his own. He touches his face in disbelief, taking his time examining himself in the mirror. He cannot quite wrap his head around this new development.

    The television is on in the room and something on the news catches his attention. They are reporting that mutants all over the world have suddenly lost their powers. This intrigues him and he looks at his hands silently praying that he was not a victim of this mass de-powering. Flames dance on his fingers and he is relieved. He gradually begins looking around Archie’s room for clues as to where they were and what it was supposed to be doing. He is much better at being his brother than he once was. Edward picks up a piece of paper that had fallen beside the bed; it is a letter from their mother. It is brief, but it still manages to make him livid.

    His beloved Lily was now a mutant. She has run away and father was telling everyone she was dead. Edward wished he could be surprised by Archie’s complete failure to protect their sister but Archie always had been weak. He spends the rest of the afternoon catching up on Archie’s life. They are a bounty hunter now. The last time he had been in the driver’s seat they had been mechanics. He could not be certain how long ago but Edward was glad for the change. It meant they had the skills and connections to find their Lily.


    Archie patiently stood in the check-in office of the motel he was trying to check into. He yawned and cast a glance out the window into the dark night. The clerk was still nowhere to be seen and the phone on the desk was ringing. After a while the ringing began to wear at him so Archie picked up the phone and slowly brought it to his ear. He was quiet for a moment before speaking into the receiver. “Hello?” The person on the other end bit into what sounded like an apple and snickered at the agent. “A little birdy told me you’ve been looking for me, ‘Agent’.” There was something about englishman’s voice that tickled the back of Archie’s mind, like it was something he’d heard before but could not place. “Sparrow.” The englishman laughed again, as though laughing at a darkly humored inside joke. One which Archibald was not quite aware of. “They’re flying again, mate.”


    Edward’s body rocked with pain as their body changed on a cellular level. Gasping for air the mutant gripped the desk to prevent himself from falling. He wiped sweat from his brown and caught sight of a man staring at him in wide eyed horror. Without hesitation, Edward removed Archie’s gun from it’s holster and shot the fleeing man twice in the back. Slowly walking over her looked down at the fallen man whose mouth was filling with blood. “It’s nothing personal, mate. You know how it is. Things to do, secrets to keep.” Edward shot the man in the face as a piece of mercy, otherwise the clerk would have been in for a slow death. After all, there was no-one around for miles to help him.

 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 02:42 AM


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“Tyler lies back and asks, "If Marilyn Monroe were alive right now, what would she be doing?"

I say, goodnight.

The headliner hangs down in shreds from the ceiling and Tyler says, "Clawing at the lid of her coffin.”


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