The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

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 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 07:20 PM

The Destroyer

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" I don’t think I’m good…but I am necessary. "

    Nazi WW2 era super soldier serum that was given to Kevin Marlowe used to give Kyle his own gifts:

    -enhanced human condition- With the power of the serum Kyle is given near super human levels of strength; maxing around 1,115 LBS, speed (Reaching a mile in 82 seconds) and enhanced perception allowing him to perceive and act faster than even highly trained soldiers.

    -enhanced bodily functions- With the assistance of the serum, it gives his body enhanced metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of fatigue in his body, increasing his endurance beyond normal human limits. This also allows him to resist poisons and other mind or body altering chemicals (Alcohol, stimulants and the like.)


    -master combatant-
    Prior to the powers given by the serum, Kyle was already a highly trained soldier for SHIELD before the fold. Trained in firearms (from small arms to heavy artillery), armed and unarmed combat (excelling in close quarters combat) and improvised weaponry. In his years in the field, he believed the best way to fight was face to face with the enemy.

    -above average intelligence-
    He’s not as smart as the Stark Family, and he will never claim to be. Through his schooling, he excelled in History and Psychology. His belief is understanding the past can lead to a better future and that knowing how someone thinks will allow him to better handle himself in the battlefield. So far, he hasn’t had great issues.

    -olympic level athlete-
    Without the use of the serum Kyle has trained his body to be in peak condition. Lifting 320lbs, completing the 100-meter in 10.2.

    Though the serum gives Kyle great gifts, it comes at a great cost.

    -serum dependence-
    Once the serum was put into his system it made it to where he would need it for the rest of his life. Regulated through his ring, if he does not use the serum after 48 hours in some regard he will experience symptoms similar to drug withdrawal, potentially lethal should he not use it at all.

    -serum instability-
    The serum that was given to Kyle is not the most stable formula, taken from WW2 era Nazi and synthesized from the blood sample left by his grandfather. Barring certain liberties taken from The Division, the serum can cause as many problems as good should he use it too much. By overusing the serum Kyle increases the risks of his body even potentially damaging internal organs. Signs of overuse start with dizziness and weakness, but should the user go beyond that he could potentially face lethal complications.

    -serum time limit-
    The serum, due to its design and instability does carry a time limit. The longest he recorded time he had before the instability and effects kicked in had been thirteen minutes. The time limit changes based on the type of activity he's involved with. Shortest time limit came around six minutes.


    -a soldiers duty-
    Kyle is a soldier through and through. His beliefs shouldn’t get in the way of his orders. But with what he sees done by his command, he is reminded what his grandfather had fought before. He executes his orders…but if a letter or two is missed, he takes what is given to him as punishment.

    -i didn’t hear no bell-
    Kyle hates losing. So much so, that he will look for ways to keep going. This shows him as a hard-headed and obstinate individual, this could be used to goad him into losing situation or into compliance with what someone else would want.

  • I don’t know why I’m writing this, well that’s a lie, I was told to. Part of the psych portion or something. I’ve never been one to talk a lot, but I was given a blank page and they wanted to know about me…

    Growing up, it was Ma, gramps and gran-gran. They were all I needed then. I lived a relatively normal life. When you didn’t look too hard. Went to school, hung out with friends and granddad would sneak me to go shooting on weekends…god I hope ma never reads this.

    I only remember my dad from brief memories and what my mom tells me. Johnathan Spade…yes, THAT Johnathan Spade, SHIELD op that married the civilian whom could probably take out a number of SHIELD ops herself. She told me that they met when word came that someone was gunning for Gramps’ head…again. By that time, she had a reputation of turning SHIELD away every chance they came…the ones that didn’t take the no were sent back with a story…and a few bruises the accentuate her answer. She thought the same of dad I guess.

    For what seemed like months, dad surveyed ma. She believed him a really pushy recruiter. That was until some Hydra goons tried their hand at taking a girl out. Dad, ever the gentleman; or as ma would call him, “chauvinist”, tried to help my ma when a number of Hydra’s attacked, only to get a black eye and broken jaw for his trouble. Dad was hooked.

    After he was called back, Dad kept checkin’ on Ma, until she asked, “Are you gonna ask me or should I just tell you to meet me for dinner and do that?” Dad wasted no time from there. I would like to say they had the traditional relationship, dinner, movies, kiss on the third date. But for their first date Ma took him to an underground fight and forced dad into a fight. That was the kind of relationship Johnathan gotten himself into.

    It was months later that Dad learned the reason for mom’s reputation though…he met Grandad Kevin “Keene” Marlowe, The American journalist caught in WW2 Germany, and experimented on, creating the deathly invader “the Destroyer.” Gramps hated dad, he hated everything that people from that side of the world of course. I don’t know what dad did though. There was talk about a couple rounds in Russian Roulette before he was even remotely okay with the idea of dad dating his daughter…hate to imagine what it took to ask him to marry Ma. But we all know what happens after marriage though. I came. Probably like the best birth ever…though Ma wasn’t happy about the 72 hours. In some universal balance however…after I came, Johnathan left. I could never find out why…

    Rather than explain why my dad was gone, Mom took her maiden name once more, deciding that it would be best, and probably that Marlowe sounded better. From then came my life. I stand by life being a good one. Ma and I lived with Gramps and Gran-Gran. I went to school, I hung out with friends, Gramps told me stories about The Destroyer who invaded with the other heroes and even fought by THE Captain. Those were my bedtime stories…and after seeing a lot of similarities between Gramps’ stories and history…I was able to put two and two together.

    It wasn’t until I was thirteen that I worked up the nerve to ask Gramps, “Can I destroy too?” He looked at me like I was an idiot…he wasn’t completely wrong of course. I broke down everything I learned and all the stories he told me. He tried to dissuade me, telling me they were just stories; I think he was just scared of Grams and Ma. But he did tell me something, “Prove I can be what The Destroyer was…and maybe.” And that was all she wrote.

    I did everything I thought I would need. Martial arts, studying, maybe cheating off a friend’s paper once or twice, but nothing too bad…I mean…I DID join SHIELD because of it. But it wasn’t until after my high school graduation that I was given a special gift from Gramps…a meeting with a SHIELD recruiter. That opened my world…and months of hell.

    SHIELD took everything I was taught growing up and basically exploded it. Live weapons, full contact combat training, covert tactics and operations. It was there I met probably the worst influence of my life. Coulson. He and I didn’t get along at first, if he says otherwise, he’s a dirty rotten liar. But there’s an idea that men who give each other black eyes are considered brothers. In Latin Culture it’s called, “Black-Eye Brothers.”

    He got a lucky punch, I paid him back…and he never left me alone. I had to finish training and go to college to get away from him. That’s when it all hit the fan though…Gramps died…and then WW3. The order these things come in was astounding.

    I was called in during my sophomore year of College, Ma called me the day after it happened…she said he went peacefully and I couldn’t believe it. The man survived a concentration camp, survived the experiments and survived the war at its worst. All of that and he died in his bed after watching his stories he had saved on Tivo. It was a surprising service, Gramps never reached out to any of his partners, he let that part of his past remain there…but the amount of people who showed up was staggering. I had never met any of them, but they all knew ma, Gram, me…SHIELD put out the call and everyone came. It was amazing that a man who did what he did had so many friends…

    That was when I had to go back to College. That’s when they called me in though. The Recruiter whom I met with Gramps was the one who did it too. I was eager though. I was happy to get a chance to serve like my Gramps did…I didn’t expect what happened though. I didn’t care at the time. I was hurting, I thought I was ready, I wanted to be the man he was. That came into play real quick.

    I was asked to take part in a special project. One that was originally shelved. It was their own super soldier serum to combat the growing threat from “the enemy”, that’s what they called Mutants. They needed their own superpowers. They needed their own heroes to fight the enemy. I was cut from that cloth. They synthesized a new, experimental serum, they claimed it could have only been me, however. Never explaining why.

    I was put into what I can only describe as a futuristic Iron Maiden. I thought it would be like the Vita-Ray treatment that gave Cap his powers, but they told me it was actually to make sure I stayed still…when the treatment began, I figured out why. It was hell. I felt like I was killed over and over again and felt my body break and regrow in the most painful way possible, but at the end…I survived. I was a success…exactly what they wanted.

    I was given a ring, they told me it would help regulate my powers. Too much of a good thing is what they told me. It seemed odd at first, but then they gave me the suit…and the call sign, “Destroyer.”

    It was all there. The suit was his in design but upgraded for my fight. And fight I did, but not in the way I thought. I was pushed in front. I was there go to. I was one of their faces. Propaganda at its finest. That’s all I was, even in my fights. I barely remember if it ended. After SHIELD was disbanded, I was absorbed too. I was a good resource. They couldn’t let me go. So, the Division kept the propaganda machine rolling. I kept going, even after it all. I kept the call sign, I only wear the suit when they want, didn’t say anything when they put me in with Coulson of all people.

    I’m Kyle Alexander Marlowe, and I’m The Destroyer from The Division.

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 Posted: Jun 7 2018, 03:55 PM


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Yay! More love for Division! The recruitment videos must be doing the trick. Kyle has a lot of potential. And we're just plain o'l suckers for a guy with a serum addiction. Division looooooooooves to have the ace of dependence up its sleeve.


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