The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

Notice: Human Division employees are still much needed, even if they're depowered mutants. We would also love to see more MHA, Morlock and Purifier affiliated characters.

We are currently accepting Site-Canons and Originals

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 Posted: May 14 2018, 04:58 AM


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SUNDAY, MARCH 13th, 2039

Zora’s eyes snapped open as she awoke from yet another nightmare with unspent tears burning her eyes. She couldn’t recall exactly what it was that she had been dreaming about but it didn’t really matter. She only ever dreamt of hell. Regaining the ability to sleep after five years awake had just been another of life’s cruel jokes on the witch. A new type of prison, a new despair. Sleep was just another trap and she avoided it as much as possible.

She didn’t remember falling asleep, it must have been the sedatives she had taken just to be able to get into the flying tin-can. Confined spaces weren’t exactly on her list of likes these days either. She would have chosen another form of transportation but flying proved to be a quick and easy method which made it less likely for her to be tracked by something as mundane as scent. After drawing the Ghost Rider to its latest host, giving the host what he had wanted, staying in Chicago seemed a little iffy. Zora might have been a chaos mongering wishmaster but she wasn't an idiot. Survival was always the number one priority.

"Ma’am? Ma’am are you alright?" Zora came to the sudden, sharp realization that she had not woken from her nightmare on her own. Turning to where that shrill voice with a horrible, horrible southern accent was coming from the Wishmaster blinked away the tears and remnants of her nap. There was a wrinkled hand on her shoulder and she frowned at it before looking up at the woman who currently owned it. The pitying, worried look on the flight attendant’s face was abhorrent. How dare this inferior creature pity her.

Chaos energy roiled beneath Lady Havoc's skin bleeding through to the surface. "I am fine" she hissed at the attendant. Gazing at the disgusting, pitying creature Zora tightly grabbed the woman's hand allowing a flicker of her energy form to hex the woman through the skin contact. She knew she shouldn't have done it, even before the aged woman's eyes bled to black as the hex took her over. Letting out a single spark was dangerous, particularly when in enclosed spaces. Releasing the hex victim from her grasp, Zora gripped the armrests tightly and stared directly forward with a frown.

Her free hand had been holding the arm of the seat when she had momentarily flickered into her energy form. There was no telling what that sort of contact would do to the plane itself, if it did anything at all. It was a fifty-fifty chance the flicker would even register on the commercial flight. She had no additional time to consider the possibilities as the plane bumped and the lights flickered as though there were turbulence. The plane's lights flickered and the hairs on the back of her neck rose as the lizard part of her brain registered someone's eyes on her.

Zora turned her head coolly and locked eyes with a blue eyed woman of similar physical age. Lady Havoc glared at the staring woman disapprovingly before turning to face the seat in front of her once again. There was no telling for sure, but Wanda Maximoff's only daughter was fairly certain that the woman had seen Zora's brief shift between forms. The plane jiggled roughly again and her nails dug even deeper into the plush armrests as the Captain came over the intercom to sooth the passengers. She remained un-soothed. There was no way of knowing for sure if the woman had seen or how severe the damage to the plane was, all Zora knew was that she had to make the decision before air marshals or Division Agents were suddenly involved.

She had tried, no one could truly accuse her of otherwise. She had thought she had expelled enough of the chaotic energies to prevent something like this from happening. Perhaps she had, perhaps it had just been the sedative she had taken that made this sort of incident possible. Either way, it didn’t matter now. The lights flickered again and a brawl broke out between stewardesses, giving her ample distraction to rapidly shift into her disembodied energy form and zipped into the air vents.

Zora’s energy flowed through the airplane rapidly, as she hunted for a way out. The plane reacted as only it could to the chaos, by bolts rusting and breaking and seams cracking. Before long the energy form tore through the airplane’s right engine, forcing itself out of the massive machine and free from the claustrophobic confines of the commercial flight. The engine components did not particularly appreciate being touched by chaos energy. Mechanical and technological devices never did. In this case, it caused the engine to go haywire and explode.

The rest of the plane and its passengers was suddenly thrust into state of considerable chaos and it was no longer a 50/50 chance of crashing. None of these things particularly phased her, she was safe and that was all that really mattered. Besides, anyone who willingly flew knew that there was always a chance that their flight may crash and kill them in a fiery explosion. A propeller thrown free in the explosion flew through the cloud of chaos energy and in doing so returned to its original state of being. Reverted to her human form Zora found herself falling back to earth and while it was technically better than being confined, she had no intention of dying in such a manner.

Continuing to free-fall until she reached the thirty-foot mark, Zora shifted into her humanoid form and used her ability to levitate to pump the breaks. Waving her arms she summoned the first thing she could think of to break her fall and it appeared in a dark cloud of energy. Zora hit the overly plush and fully made king-size bed with enough force to sink it well into the muddy field and send the throw pillows flying. The wind was thoroughly knocked out of her and she was dazed from the efforts of burning what energy she had, but she was alive and unscathed. The same could not be said for the plane as the earth shook with its impact.

Though Zora needed a minute to compose herself and was once again back to passing as human, she'd be out of there as soon as she could manage. It would be up to someone else to explain why there was a bed in the middle of nowhere.
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 11:59 PM


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A bale of hay exploded as a bolt of telekinetic energy impacted it. The twine holding it together snapped and the square flakes of hay went everywhere. Guthrie held his hand out and the twine floated back to it. He was combining training his powers with farm chores today. He figured that would give his family less things to worry over.

Jeremiah had been in rough shape when he'd arrived. Most of his wounds were almost healed. The most severe were gone in a matter of hours. This had given Guthrie a need to get away and think. The entire situation was a mind blowing thought. He'd fought Ghost Rider, who was really Joe Dorsey, Lady Havoc who, was really his partner's cousin who he did not remember until after the fight. And to top it off, his most severe wounds healed as if by magic.

He'd managed to escape by the seat of his pants and was taking time to let himself heal. Guthrie and his partner were on the outs but Joe needed to know. He needed to see if he could get the man to come down to the farm. That was a priority. He couldn't keep this from Joe and Mack.

Guthrie looked at his phone again. A feminine voice called out from behind him. "Jeremiah Reese Guthrie, I am willing to bet that lady friend of yours isn't a telepath. Stop trying to send her psychic messages and call her already. Your father is almost done with supper." He could hear the smirk in his mother's voice. "And invite her for a weekend already. I want to meet this mystery girl of yours already."

"Yes, ma'am. Ah'll ask her, but ah'm not sure if she'll take me up on it."

"Never hurts to ask."


He heard footsteps as Lyla moved back toward her chair on the porch. The rockstar had been reading there, pretending not to watch over her son, while he did chores. Jer fired off a few quick texts to Sidony. One asking how she was and updating on his own status. A second text asking if she wanted to come to the farm for a weekend.

Before he could check for a response, he heard an explosion and looked up. A passenger plane looked like it was raining down in pieces. Jer through a half globe shield over the farm house and barn as debris pinged off the shield. His family scurried into action taking care to protect the livestock. Jer flew up into the air to get a better look and saw a woman moving away from a bed in the field.

"Aww. Shit. Dad, you might want to start eating without me."
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