The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

Notice: Human Division employees are still much needed, even if they're depowered mutants. We would also love to see more MHA, Morlock and Purifier affiliated characters.

We are currently accepting Site-Canons and Originals

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 Posted: Jun 10 2013, 01:49 AM


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➣ Known mutant Dazzler is assassinated during a concert

March 2015 The Christian extremist group known as "the Purifiers" publicly and literally crucify Warren Worthington III, Angel, for being a false idol/prophet/celestial being.

➣ The mutant supremacist known as Magneto declares war against the Purifiers and their supporters on live television.

➣ Mutant related riots break out in just about every major city world wide. San Francisco is one of the first cities to crack and collapse under that pressure.

➣ The International corporation known as Division secretly starts kidnapping known mutants of varying power levels.

Betsy Braddock aka Psylocke is killed by the mutant known as Sabertooth when he escapes the custody of the X-Men

➣ The Salem Center is evacuated, raided and destroyed in a twelve hour window. Nightcrawler and a few others took children back to their families. Some families refused to take their mutant children back while other X-Students were already orphans. Nightcrawler and his crew took these lost children to an undisclosed island off the west coast of the USA where they grew up together in a mutant-friendly community.

 Posted: Jun 10 2013, 02:12 AM


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2016 - 2028
➣ The US Military is called in to contain the Time Square Riot. Magneto drops a tank on Rev. Stryker and several of his associates. There were a total of 93 injuries and 27 deaths reported. Mutants, humans, and innocents alike. Stryker survives the attack barely.

➣ Things escalate from civil war between humans to being a full scale world war three when North Korea, Russia and their friends in the Middle East and even Cuba decide that the mutant/human war is all the United States' Fault

Professor Charles Xavier passes away

➣ Los Angeles is bombed and burned, area is quarantined and labeled uninhabitable and otherwise hazardous.

➣ A new mutant registration bill is officially presented and is taken much more seriously than on previous occasions.

November 2017 Tony Stark is framed for treason by Division Infiltrator Agents. The government seizes all of his assets including his company, a warrant is then put out for his arrest.

➣ Division launches an attack on Muir Island, seizing it in under 13hours. Some of the surviving mutants and medical personnel are executed while others are kept prisoner. Moira MacTaggart is shot in the back while trying to help young mutants escape. A metallic skinned baby is found unharmed in the dead doctors arms. Charles Xavier dies yet again, this time for good.

➣ A team of rogue mutants lead by one known as Hellion attacks the Pentagon, while a second team of mutants led by Cyclops attempt to stop them. A response team helmed in joint by Stark Industries and Division has devastating results. Casualties of the event include Hellion, Wither, Magma, and Blob while leaving Kitty Pryde unable to regain a corporeal form.

January 2019, Magneto sacrifices himself for the good of all mutantkind... And took a helluva lot of Division and Mixed Nation Forces with him. The Brotherhood subsequently disbands, most go underground.

➣ The world's very first MRL (Mutant Registration Law) is passed in England.

➣ The Phoenix Force uses Dr. Jean Grey to destroy the bulk of the untapped Weapon XIV. She is killed (again) shortly there after by Wolverine.

➣ The United States passes an MRL of their own. However due to the war fully enforcing it would difficult so it does not go into effect right away

➣ Mutants launch and attack on the White House. Said building is destroyed but there were still fewer casualties than there was at the Pentagon.

2021, Dr. Hank McCoy was asked by the US government to assist with the development of non-violent options for controlling the mutant genes within potential criminals who could no be rehabilitated otherwise. Considering that his own genetic makeup and history, efforts with the X-Men, and years or work within the field, he opted to assist in this area to keep his family from suffering heavy burdens after the fallout of the war.

January 2022, The United States MRL law comes into effect and is sternly enforced. This is the MRL which is still by far one of the dictatorially enforced MRLs in the world.

➣ Sweden votes against an MRL, gets sudden influx of immigrants/refugees and has to close borders. Denmark and friends temporarily open theirs.

Captain America is killed by the mutant known as Crossbones

October 2022, After months of legal proceedings, OSCORP heir Stanley Osborn becomes the first and only person to have been granted legal right to not participate in the MRL after being issued a summons by the federal government to register.

Spring 2023, Devastated by the loss of her sisters Irma Cuckoo resurrects the team known as The Twisted Sisters her new teammates include Boom Boom and Scarlet Witch, and Outlaw. Wade Wilson decides he wants to join. When they reject him he sells them out to Division. Division in turn takes them ALL prisoner, including Deadpool. On the boat ride to Muir Island Irma gives herself an OD of extreme sedatives and others such drugs and throws herself off of the ship whilst in diamond form.

November 2023, Iron Man is shot down during the Rhode Island Blitz. Numerous soldiers, mutants & civilians perish.

➣ A total of twelve kidnapped mutants are released at various locations through-out the country with no memory of what had happened. They all soon start going through extreme withdrawal from a yet-to-be-named drug. Rogue, unable to control her powers during said withdrawal literally exploding instantly incinerating herself along with everything in forty miles and rendering New Jersey uninhabitable.

Emma Frost, on a mission in Dubai, enters into stasis in her diamond form to stop a power backlash from a dose of the drug. Locals hail her as a hero and the statue becomes the centerpiece of a WWIII memorial garden.

Christmas 2024, The Juggernaut and eleven other mutants escape from Rykers. Two weeks later on New Years Eve, his sons The Marko Twins break out of a holding facility in Maine, there are two casualties and eight young mutants escape.

2025-2026, North Korea is forced to surrender, Russia says 'fuck this shit I'm out'. Fighting between nations slowly begins to stop.

April 17th 2026, Green Springs Outreach officially begins operations with a modest foodbank and two greenhouses that service mutants in need.

October 2026 The Scarlet Witch, the last mutant secretly released from Division's custody, inadvertently triggers an event now called M-Day due to her severe withdrawal from forcibly injected bouts of an early form of Ratifivant. A vast majority of mutants around the world find themselves without powers. This singular event started the end of the war.

October 2026 The Punisher, dies taking the Hell's Kitchen harbor and dozens of mobsters with him. This series of fiery explosions was overshadowed in the news due to it taking place on M-Day

> ➣ May 27th, 2028: the war is officially declared over.

 Posted: Jun 10 2013, 02:23 AM


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2028 - PRESENT
September 13 2028, After almost thirty years upon the throne of Latveria, Victor Von Doom steps down, citing his failing health. His only son and heir Konstantine assumes his role as leader of the small Eastern European country in a live televised speech.

July 2029, Wolverine is killed by an overdose injection to the heart of an early form of Ratifivant. In his last stand, Wolverine set his own home to blow, and finally took Rev. Styker and eighteen other division members straight to their deaths. David Summers goes on the run.

December 3rd, 2030, the McCoy household mysteriously burns down while Cecila and the kids were not home. The body of, M-Day depowered, Hank McCoy's body is recovered but burned beyond all recognition - DNA sampling is impossible.

August 2031, During a guys-night out while drunk and bitching about the state of the world the idea to resurrect a variation of the x-men is born.

March 2032, Out of the blue, during prime time, every electronic billboard and every television in America simultaneously shared the same message. A black screen emblazoned with the Xavier School for the Gifted emblem and the words "You Are Not Alone". The transmission was untraceable and lasted only twenty seconds, but it was in the international news for over a week.

September 2034, a massive storm hit Chicago without warning giving no-one time to prepare. It raged on for a week knocking out power-lines and wreaking havoc with the city. There were several casualties and it took several weeks before things got back on track.

July 2035, Worthington heiress vanishes without a trace

September 2035, A cargo ship full of mutant refugees is destroyed by a Division kill squad all passengers and most crew members are killed. The X-Men eliminate the Black File Agents and lose two of their own in the incident.

October 2035, Worthington reappears as suddenly and mysteriously as she vanished. During the months missing Ms. Worthington was forcibly turned into a mutant somehow became X-Gene positive.

December 21-25 2035, Ryker's Island suffers a massive power failure and Deadpool escapes Division's custody. Island is put on lockdown, and all new prisoners are to be taken to the Fort Sheridan Detention Center. Lethal Force is also authorized on a temporary basis.

December 26, 2035, Division HQ receives a fax from Ryker's containing a handwritten note allegedly written by the Juggernaut and signed 'the Brotherhood'. It is uncertain if there is any truth behind this but the mainland was incapable of contacting the Prison's Administrators.

January 2036, Due to the massive damage to the facility and the numerous casualties of both prisoners and employees it is decided that Rykers Island is closed indefinitely.

May 2036, Division introduces checkpoints around the city of Chicago in response to a mutant's escape from police custody. The goal is to crack down on unregistered mutants in the city, and increase Division's direct control of city security.

July 2036, Division investigates reports of a mutant incident at the Northwestern campus. Evidence of fire damage to the sidewalk remained after Isla Moore's meltdown, but no witnesses could recall the incident.

August 2036, An alleged malfunction at Von Doom storage facilities results in outdated DoomBots marching through the city of Chicago. A Division checkpoint is one of the first sites destroyed, but after the first hit the primary focus of the attack is property damage.
- - Following a 3 AM press conference, Konstantine Von Doom is temporarily taken into custody. He is later released, and the incident is termed a malfunction.

October 2036, Norman Belasco's annual Halloween party erupts into a brawl of unknown causes. Several arrests are made, but the Brotherhood isn't officially tied to the incident.

November 2036, City Councilman Foucault survives an apparent attempt on his life at the hands of unidentified mutant assailants, and goes on to secure the Mayor's office on an anti-mutant platform.

July 2037, the Brotherhood simultaneously raid Division's main weapons depot and cause a newly powered mutant to make the nightmare beings of everyone in Eisenhower Village, physically manifest. The heist was a success and in the Village, the day was saved by Oneiric a registered mutant with sleep and dream manipulation powers.

December 2037, The city put on a winter carnival in the recently rebuilt Eisenhower Village in attempt to prove the area was once again safe to live.

March 4th, 2038, On this afternoon, Division forces raided the X-Men's headquarters (Firehouse 52). Sprite, Brute, Bloodline and Vert were all captured during this attack. There were no casualties on the X-Men's side, but a heavy loss on Divisions largely due to Berserker allowing the Phoenix Force to take control. Cicada has been missing since this event.

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