The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

Notice: Human Division employees are still much needed, even if they're depowered mutants. We would also love to see more MHA, Morlock and Purifier affiliated characters.

We are currently accepting Site-Canons and Originals

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 Posted: Jun 8 2013, 08:36 PM



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    Here one Grandchildren of the Atom we require our players to be in the 18+ age range due to our chosen rating system. You can find more information on the RPGR rating system here. Please note that the rating system is for the IC areas. We expect players to interact in OCC areas in a respectful and hate-free manner.

    All face claims must be a minimum of 18 years old and no character younger than 16 will be accepted.

    Avatars must be 200x350px or it will mess up the member profile template, this template also automatically re-sizes the member gifs so no need to overly stress about your gif of choice. Please refrain from using signature banners and pornographic or otherwise inappropriate images.

    Any thread that would receive a rating higher than R must be marked as such or with a [ M ] in the title for mature. it should be clearly visible. you can see by our rating that we do allow for sexual content. however we do not allow pornographic content. this isn't fifty shades of grey. we highly, highly suggest any sort of sexual situation is handled with the utmost tact. i.e.; no writing smut. not all of your threads should be focused on sex, okay ya perv. we would prefer the cunning use of implication vs actual description and, of course, the fade to black.

    Additionally, please use the templates provided here, if there is not a template for your needs then you may make/bring in your own. Please do not alter the font/font color within icpost and games templates as this often makes things difficult to read. We worked hard to find the right color balance so that the largest number of people could read these templates without straining their eyes. We feel that the [*b], [*i] and [*u] tags are perfectly acceptable and easy ways to alternate text types.

    GotA has a minimum word count of 350 words for in-character posts (outside of im/phone/games threads). This rule does not apply to official site events and group threads labelled 'rapid fire' in their topic description.

    When registering please use all caps in a FIRSTNAME M. LASTNAME format. Proper names only, no X-Men styled nicknames (Magneto, Phoenix etc) as those are reserved for identifying staff members. Failure to follow this protocol is now punishable by app and character denial. The only exception to this rule is if you don't have a character name yet and need to use the PM system to contact a staff member or player.

    Before applying make sure to check out our database to make sure your face claim and desired power have not been taken or blacklisted. You may also want to check out the family relations page to check for any potential relatives.

    As for face claims, we are open save for 'real life/vine/youtube' etc personalities. In addition we employ a 5 +/- years (min / max) for characters faces. Which means a 40 year old cannot be a 24 year old. For example, if your face of choice is 25, the youngest they could be is 20, the oldest is 30. Please use your best judgement for ages - we know actors keep their youthful appearances but let's not over exaggerate.

    Applications must be titled SURNAME, FIRST M. with their age, group and face claim in the topic description. Be sure to include some reference to an event from the GotA timeline in their bio, the war affected everyone in one way or another. Should your application get stamped 'In review' you will have one week (7 days) to respond/make the adjustments required before your app is moved to the archives.

    Should the application review squad have to review an application more than twice, we retain the right to deny the application on this basis. To be clear, the first review is when we initially look over the application. The second review is if we send you notes, you make corrections and then we review it again.

    While we understand this is sometimes necessary, whether you're dropping them or putting them up for adoption there will be a timed penalty. After you drop a character (whether you give a reason or not), you will not be allowed to pick up a new character for a minimum of one month. If somehow this becomes a routine, you will not be allowed to make new characters at all.

    Before making a second (or third or whatever number) of characters, you must wait seven days and have an active thread for each of your previous characters. For a thread to qualify as 'active' it must have a minimum of two replies and a post within the last two weeks. When it comes to the subject of mutant abilities there is a maximum of two powers per mutant, not including sub-powers, but keep in mind this is not a common occurrence. These powers will need some sort of correlation between them. If we get too many mutants from the same gene-pool or too many level 4/5 mutants we retain the right to ban certain things.

    Don't forget to check the Powers List for banned powers/abilities/etc.

    Respect everyone, even if you don't think they deserve it. Whether it's in one of the forums or in the Chatbox, we will not tolerate any sort of hate speech in out of character areas of interaction. This is probably the quickest way to get yourself banned from Grandchildren of the Atom. Sensitive topics are bound to come up in conversation and we respect everyone's right to have their own opinion. However, if that opinion happens to be a hurtful or outright offensive one please keep it to yourself out of respect for your peers.

    Absolutely no god-modding and all deaths/pregnancies/depowerings/member group hopping must be approved by the admin. Despite the fact that they suck, random activities are and will be a reoccurring thing. Which is why if you know ahead of time that you will be AWOL for a period of time you need to post an away notice just in case something happens while you're gone.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding GotA and its content/design please either PM an administrator with your query or post it in the question/suggestion area. The C-Box is not the place to air your grievances, so please keep that in mind. When voicing these queries please at least try to do so with respect for the people who have put the time and effort into the site.

    If we ban you and you return anyway, regardless of changed screen name we retain the right to ban you all over again. This practice is massively disrespectful to the Staff and other players. We apologize in advance to any players, old or new, who are inconvenienced by this. We the GotA Staff have to do what is best for the board and the GotA Community.

    All rules are susceptible to change and there will be plenty of notification if/when said changes go into action. Most importantly, be excellent to each other.

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