The heroes of yesterday are dead and gone. Division and the Mutant Control Enforcement Agency (MCEA) saw to that. This dystopia we live in is the result of one anti-mutant hate crime that sparked the third world war. The law now requires mutants to register, to spend the rest of their lives being a number on a file with a tracking device on their wrist or in their bloodstream.

For a while, the children of fallen heroes started to work in the shadows as the new X-Men. Not all that long ago, the latest incarnation of the X-Men was brought down in flames by Division's efforts. Team members captured, Agents killed, Cosmic fire everywhere... It seems as though the days of the X-Men have come and gone once again. Or have they?

Notice: Human Division employees are still much needed, even if they're depowered mutants. We would also love to see more MHA, Morlock and Purifier affiliated characters.

We are currently accepting Site-Canons and Originals

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Rules, Reserves & Listing

Unless it has been marked as 'adoptable', any canon with an image attached to it has been taken. We've opted not to attach faces to claims to offer you, our wonderful players, more chances to flex your creativity. Every canon comes with some sort of character specific details such as surname, powers (if applicable), family relations, age range and gender but are otherwise open to interpretation.

Reservations last for three days, we expect to at least see a work in progress application (or a completely finished one) by the time day four rolls around. A two day reserve extension may be granted if an Administrator is approached with a valid reason, and the work-in-progress application is posted in our in-complete section.

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--- --- Okonkwo

Open | 33-35 | Open

Okonkwo is the male half of the fraternal twins born to the X-Man Storm and the Avenger known as the Black Panther. Due to the war he was raised primarily in Wakanda, which is something he greatly enjoyed as it had always been his presence. His X-Factor manifested in his early teens as fire and earth manipulation, the other half of his sister’s mutation. Even before their mutations manifested they had and still have an enhanced resistance to magic when they are together or at least when they are near each other. Though they often butt heads regarding methodology, in many ways Volatile does take after his mother in personality.As the future King of Wakanda he has diplomatic immunity and did not technically have to register, however he did voluntarily go in for an interview at Division’s HQ when he began attending university here in Chicago. He is registered - but only as a mutant on file with a generalized notation of his mutation. He did this in hopes to keep relations between the USA and Wakanda on friendly terms. “Don't call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease.”

--- --- Okonkwo

Zephyr | 33 - 35 | Open

Zephyr is the daughter of Storm and the Black Panther and the twin sister of the registered mutant Volatile. The Princess of Wakanda is not a weather witch like her mother however she is able to manipulate the elements of water and air. When she is in proximity to her twin brother, they have an enhanced resistance to magic and magic based attacks. Having diplomatic immunity means she technically does not have to register. This being said she avoids abusing or flaunting her status as a diplomatic unregistered as she feels it would be in poor taste given the state of mutant-human relations in America. She was raised primarily in Wakanda with her brother and misses it dearly, but she strongly believes in what the X-Men stand for and that this sort of element of hope is truly needed in order for the world to strive for better. She believed it so much that Zephyr became one of the first five members of the New X-Men; and mourns the group's absence now that her friends have been scattered by Division. "What scares me isn't how short life is, no, it's the pain, all the pain. I don't understand why there has to be any pain."

--- --- Black

Open | 30 - 40 | Open

Detective Black is fifth generation Chicago PD, however unlike the previous Detectives Black, he is a mutant. His power is that of Retrocognition and it is not the easiest gift to live with, nor is it always the most helpful. While he does use it in his career, he can't exactly get warrants or make arrests solely on his visions. He still has to find physical evidence to back these things up. He knows how hard it can be to be a registered mutant in the workforce, he's been met with his share of bigotry and bullying. Ultimately, Black opted to become a Cold Case detective because it is where he can do the most good while being surrounded by the least amount of work-place intolerance. "I feel like I'm Han Solo, and you're Chewie, and she's Ben Kenobi, and we're in that fucked-up bar."

Laura E. Kinney

X-23 | 40 | Temur

Before M-Day, the mutant known as X-23 was created in hopes to replicate the original weapon x program. Her bones weren't bonded with adamantium, but she was fitted with retractable twin claws in her hands and feet that were. She was a member of the New X-Men and did not suffer the curse of losing her mutation. However, her high profile status as a known mutant made avoiding registration impossible. She now lives a within the confines of the law and has since opened up a halfway house. Her new cause helps usher newly registered mutants, who have been released from government custody, into societal reintegration.*marvel canon "No, I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3."

--- --- Koslov

Geiger | 53 | Open

Koslov was born a few months after the Chernobyl disaster, which activated his powers in utero due to his mother's proximity to the catastrophe. He was born with the power of Radiation Absorption & Empowerment which is one of the reasons he looks a lot closer to 17 than he does 53. It should be mentioned that he does not emit radiation and therefor there have never been any instances of him giving anyone cancer. Geiger gets paid handsomely by governments and corporations all over the world to reside in places made uninhabitable due to radiation. He lives there for a while and when he's through it's like there had never been any radiation there in the first place. "Kids these days..." note: we will wave the 5 year rule for this character

Kathryn W. Worthington

Archangel | 31 | Mags

The only child of Warren Worthington III and Elizabeth Braddock was not born with the X-Gene, getting tested on the regular throughout most of her life. She was however a mutant rights supporter as well as chairman and principal shareholder of Worthington Industries. She still is, which is why she's registered now. After spending the first 29 years of her life a human, Worthington was abducted from her home and re-appeared a month later just as mysteriously as she disappeared. Only now she is a mutant with no recollection as to how that happened. More info here “No, not without incident.”

--- --- Sontag

Open | 27 - 37 | Open

It's not been easy going for Sontag since he was registered with psychometry. His pointed ears and all-black eyes were a giveaway, and have never let him blend in. That hasn't stopped him from going through medical school, determined to live out his childhood dream of becoming a doctor despite the people insisting he shouldn't. Now he works at Taggart General, and has been working on setting up free clinics around the city. Chicago's city government has been stymieing him at every turn. Still, Sontag didn't get where he is today by giving up easily. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Piper S. Harris

Daydream | 22 | Vera

The regular testing schedule turned this popular university student's life upside down when she came up positive for the mutant gene. She had no idea she was a mutant before then - and she still hasn't figured out her power, narcoleptic dust and dream manipulation. Even without knowing her powers, she's noticed a lot of old friends looking at her differently. A lot of strange people have started to give her lingering looks she doesn't like, too. She's not sure if she wants to learn more about it or get rid of it entirely. If that's even possible. “There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion.”
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David C.C. Summers

Berserker | 33 | Matrix

David Summers is the son of Jean and Scott Summers. After his parents were slaughtered, he was raised by Wolverine until Division found out their location and subsequently murdered David's mentor. Having been present when the idea to resurrect the X-Men arose he jumped on the chance to follow in his parents footsteps. Granted, having been heavily influenced by Wolverine re-adjusting to being part of a group was a difficult transition. David largely uses his Optic Blasts and Telekinesis in a defensive manner, as protecting others by any means is a deeply ingrained part of him. He escaped during Division's attack on the firehouse, but he's been abruptly left without his team or the base going forward.. "Hello, I'm nice, he's nice, we're both fucking lunatics. Can I come in, please?"

Winona E. Maximoff

Verve | 28 | Nerys

Until the day her mother barged into her dorm room to deliver bad news and reveal the truth about their family, Ms Maximoff had been blissfully unaware of her family’s connections to the superhero organizations like the Avengers or the X-Men. She hadn’t even so much as suspected that her mother was Hawkeye or her father and uncle had been Wiccan and Speed. It was during the heated confrontation that between mother and daughter that followed the revelation, when Maximoff’s mutant ability of Linguistic Magic went from 0 to 60 in the span of two words: “Drop Dead.” Ms. Maximoff spent the next several years as far off the grid as she could get, doing her best to aid others before Hudson and Stark decided it was time to bring her into the fold. The fall of the Firehouse has propelled her back into her own life, but it may not be so easy to slip away from the world after everything that's happened. “This dress exacerbates the genetic betrayal that is my legacy.”

Christian --- Cord

Radian | 38 - 50 | Open

Christian Cord used to be an X-Man, back before the world turned to shit. He used to be in The Brotherhood too. After the depowering of 98% of the mutant population, Cord lost his powers. So he did what any man desperate enough would do, he sold his soul to the devil. Working as a double agent for both Division and The Brotherhood, he schemed and slimed his way into using the Hood's power broker to reacquire his gift of Ultraviolet Light Generation. Christian's backstabbing has left him an enemy of the Brotherhood and although he still works on the sly for Division (because they helped him obtain financial comforts), he has remained off the grid and out of their capture because of the leverage that he possesses. MORE ON THIS MUTANT HERE *marvel canon''I'm not threatening you mate. It's beyond fucking words. I watched over you when you were asleep and I looked at your fucking neck and I was that far away from slicing it.''

--- --- Dreyfus

Open | 25 - 35 | Open

A lot of people know about Dreyfus, she is after all one of the most sought after actresses of her generation. What nobody seems to know is that the reason people can't help but be drawn to her is because she has the power of siren mimicry and the whole beacon emission thing just sort of happens. Dreyfus is one of those people that others make offhanded adoring 'could get away with murder' jokes about. The best part about those jokes is that it's entirely true because she has gotten away with it in the past, though truthfully it was in self defense. “Hell yeah I'm the motherfucking Princess.”

Sonny Z. LeBeau

Morlock | 42 | Temur

The eldest of Gambit’s two children is the spitting image of a father he never knew. Raised by the neutral Morlocks until they officially disbanded leaving only Lebeau under the group name. He has since started to attempt to rebuild “his real family” as a group of like-minded individuals. His x-factor grants him the ability to blow shit up or freeze things just by waving at it. His power is technically considered molecular acceleration / deceleration. Sonny is the undisputed anarchist king of Chicago's mutant underground. more on this canon here “Oh, *fuck you*! I'm not the rope-totin' Charlie Bronson wannabe that's getting us fucking lost!”

Eva V. Renfroe

N/Al | 36 | Nerys

Dr. Renfroe may be the daughter of the Division's Director, but she had to earn her spot in the genetic research department. The only way Renfroe would give up her coveted position at the company would be when she was dead and buried. There are words to describe people like this geneticist and none of them are very nice. She takes after her mother in many, many ways. Especially when it comes to the negative view on mutantkind. She dreams to one day she imagines she'll succeed her mother and continue on the work. Though she is currently unaware, she is in fact the daughter of Gen. Veers. But it seems that all bad work and too much play has put this woman into the sightlines of the Brotherhood. She is a human no longer and now possesses one less arm and a mutation that has yet to be defined as anything except self-inducting pain This mutation works on touch, which means Dr. Renfroe can never touch another living thing without inflicting sharp, excruciating agony upon herself. Naturally this mutation can develop into something more useful. "She tore me into twenty pieces and stitched me back together with my nerves. I wonder what she’ll do to you?.”

--- --- Moonstar

Moonstar | 21 - 26 | Open

Dani Moonstar's only child can barely remember when Salem Center was evacuated and he and his mother rejoined the Cheyenne nation. Their leaders never supported the mutant hunts and they've outright refused mutant registration to this day. It was the best possible place for a young mutant to grow up, and even though his mother was de-powered on M-Day, she encouraged him to grow and hone his ability of Energy Constructs when it manifested. However, Dani was highly resistant to the idea of him joining the new X-Men after the broadcast, until 2037 when she caved and reached out to her old friends to see what they knew. He was excited to be a part of the team, thinking he had found a place to call home, to really make a difference. He was at home when Division kicked down the door, answering an urgent call from his mother. He came back to a ruin swarming with Division agents and a mystery to solve instead of his friends. “You don't care about the environment? That's fucked up, man!”

Kimiko Y. Hua

Dragoness | 29 | Temur

Hua became the newest member of the X-Men out of sheer persistence and strength of character. Every day for nearly a month she would show up and be told she was mistaken, and by the end of that period of time she gave up leaving the premises after her dismissal. Instead she took up 'residence' in their ground floor lounge, just outside the actual HQ interior. By then her persistence was met with genuine respect and not exacerbation. Her family has lived in Chicago's Chinatown since the 1920s, and she is only the second generation to graduate from University. Hua comes from a long line of mutants but she is the first in nearly 200 years to have a truly formidable power, an ancestral mutation, Dragon Mimicry. Wingless flight? Fire resistance? Psh, yeah. No big deal right? If only it could have saved the team when the Firehouse fell. She's faced with a choice: try to get the band back together, or refocus her efforts to help people with medicine instead of firepower."Hot stuff! Comin' through!"

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Baseline Humans

--- --- Foucault

Mr. Mayor | 38+ | Open

How do you manage to become a power player in Chicago's political scene in your early 30s? Serious determination, flexible morals, and a very thick skin. He didn't really become the celebrity politician he is now until he latched onto the anti-mutant movement. Rumors that he's a member of the Purifiers have done nothing to dim his popularity. Whether or not he truly believes what he says about the mutant menace, alleged threats against him propelled him into the mayor's office in November 2036. And after that, he might be setting his sights even higher. “Man looks in the abyss, there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment, man finds his character..”

--- --- Amory

Open | 22 | Open

Amory has never been entirely comfortable with mutants. She was still young during the war, which displaced her from her home on the east coast, but she still remembers losing her childhood home. Now she's a young adult with connections and a college degree, which helped her turn her ambition into a job at the mayor's office. Through all of this, she has had no idea that her college sorority sister HARRIS (see registered mutant canons) is not quite what she seems. Her new boss was elected on an aggressively anti-mutant policy, and she's going to have to make a choice about what she really believes. “Politics have no relation to morals.”

Max Castle

The Punisher | 35 | Mags

Born the bastard son of the infamous Frank Castle, Max has only ever truly known a life of hunting down criminals. With no social security number, birth certificate, passport or even an arrest record he is a virtual ghost drifting through the world. Though his father had been increasingly reluctant to do so, he taught Max everything he knew and hid his son’s existence from the world to protect him from his enemies. Max never really stood a chance. After his father's death on M-Day, Max took up his father's alter ego and maintains a lifestyle that keeps him under the radar and out of sight. "They're all dead. They just don't know it yet."

Iris A. Baek

Nobody | 26 | Vera

Baek is not the first to use the digital alias 'Nobody'. The title came with the network of contacts she inherited by tracking down and poisoning its previous holder, transforming her from bored grad student to information broker. Secrets are what she trades in, and she's not exactly particular about who she'll deal with - or who she'll double cross the second someone else makes her a better offer. Sure, she has to keep looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life in case anyone else seeks a Sith promotion like her own. But at least she's no longer bored. “When you can be anybody you become nobody.”

Dr. --- --- Perez

Open | 26 - 36 | Open

Perez never really thought all that much about mutants outside of the fact that they existed. He was always too busy focusing on his studies to pay much attention to mutant related issues, and it wasn't like he knew any of them anyway. Or rather didn't know he knew any. It wasn't until he began working in the emergency room of a Chicago hospital that he ever actually had to start paying attention to the world beyond his own. His sudden awareness has not made for a smooth transition, in fact so far it's been both frightening and surprisingly dangerous. "I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!"

Sofia --- Mantega

Renascence | 36-43 | Open

Prior to M-Day the Venezuelen born mutant Sofia was a mutant with the power of aerokinesis. Being depowered broke her heart and the resulting depression caused her to lose contact with her surviving friends. She eventually landed in New Las Vegas where she became a diner waitress. More recently, she was coaxed into joining a team of her fellow depowered mutants called the New Warriors. Feeling herself again, Sofia reached out to some of her old friends in Chicago to try and rekindle their friendships. She abruptly lost contact with Elixir in early 2038, and nobody seems to know what happened to him. It wasn't lost on her that less than a month later her new team was forcibly disbanded by Division. Between the disappearance, disbandment and strange occurrences in Chicago she decided it was time to relocate. “You start running they'll never let you stop. You stand up, push back... Can't say no forever right?”

Konstantine Von Doom

N/A | 35 | Temur

Here is a man who has it all. Money, control of his own company, and a carefully cultivated charisma. And yet he still never changed his surname from 'Von Doom'. That should tell you a lot about what's going on just beneath the smooth surface. As Victor Von Doom's only son he is now the ruler of Latveria, and as such enjoys a certain amount of diplomatic immunity when traveling to Chicago. You may have fought his malfunctioning DoomBots back in 2035, or seen the early morning press conference that followed. You may even have heard that a public even he was hosting was attacked by vigilantes in 2037. Either way, he's been playing the part of power broker and has made himself difficult to ignore. "What profit a man if he gain the world but lose his soul? In round dollars."

--- --- McCoy

Open | 19 - 21 | Open

McCoy is the youngest of four children belonging to Dr. Cecilia Reyes and Dr. Hank McCoy. She's also the only one who has yet to manifest any sort of mutant ability. It's unclear whether or not she's just a late bloomer or if she really does not have an x-factor, but she's okay with that. She doesn't need a superpower to get into trouble; she's been arrested at least twice for taking part in mutant rights protests. Her most immediate concern is her missing brother, Bloodline. His last message let her know he'd arrived safely in Chicago, but now he doesn't seem to exist, and she feels like she's the only one looking. "Not everything about being human is nice." * Please note this character is bi-racial.

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Division Personnel

Andrew L. Cope

Agent | 41 | Nerys

There is much more to Special Agent Cope than what meets the eye and he is not the sort of man to get on the wrong side of. He's an ambitious son of a bitch and he's got his sights set on Grace Renfroe's position as Director of Division. It is not likely that he was stop until that job is his. Very little is known about Cope's background except for the fact that he was adopted. Unfortunately for him, his biological mother was the murderous Adrienne Frost and should his employers find this out, he’s going to hit the proverbial glass ceiling. "If you think you've won, you never saw me change the game"

--- --- Russo

Open | 30 - 40 | Open

If you ever hear anyone reference ‘The Amazon of Division’, there is a 99% chance they’re talking about Russo. Don’t worry, she doesn’t mind the nickname and she’s more interested in advancing her career than the opinions of others. Due to her height and build Russo doesn’t blend into crowds well, but being ill suited for undercover work only gave her the chance to excel in other areas. Her competitive and ambitious nature allowed her to gain the skills necessary to head her own MCEA unit fairly easily. Russo rarely fails to catch her prey and has a much better record of bringing in suspects and fugitives in alive than Agent Cope. "No, my question, I get to go first: Why in pluperfect hell would you pee on a corpse?"

--- --- Jimenez

Open | 32 - 39 | Open

Jimenez has recently become quite famous within the Chicago headquarters but it’s not because of his job performance. A mutant employee with precognitive death sense has predicted that he is without a doubt soon to lose an eye and possibly if not probably going to die. Seriously, the company has even started a pool on when, where and how he’s going to lose one of his eyes. The cybernetic r&d department has already been in touch, you know in case he survives and wants a fancy replacement. While Jimenez was not the most superstitious or religious person, these things have certainly shaken him. Enough so that he’s starting to question his life choices but not enough for him to change professions or retire. "Oh hell no."

--- --- Goode

Open | 30 - 40 | Open

Goode excels at being duplicitous, because she absolutely loathes not getting her way. She's been this way for so long that she no-longer knows what she believes anymore. Even so, sorting things can wait. Her job has become a game of survival more than anything else. Spinning Division's line to the public keeps everything turning in her world for now. She plans on filling her bank account and taking an early retirement someplace nice, and she can figure it all out then. requested here. "Are you gonna bark all day little doggie?"

Felix W. Merek

Everlast | 600ish | Fallow

Merek has been around for a very, very long time, his mutant ability of Resurrection has seen to that. For him being an unaging mutant unable to die, or rather stay dead, is a curse which is the only reason he has agreed to aid Division in flushing mutants out into the open. He wants the so-called 'cure' that they're working on so that he might finally live out a mortal life and die the way people are supposed to. He also makes an excellent guinea pig for their various attempts, because if he dies he'll only stay dead if it worked. "I don't know how to respond to that..."

--- --- Sulpice

Open | 27 - 35 | Open

Special Agent Sulpice's family founded what is now the largest security consulting firm in France. Growing up she learned all about how to prevent security related crimes and by-proxy how to commit them. Her talents in these areas combined with her impressive intellectual aptitude eventually lead to her to aim higher and eventually found herself working for Interpol. When bundled with her family's notoriously checkered past, she became an invaluable asset and the perfect candidate to send deep undercover to investigate Division. Once everything was in place she quickly learned just how complicated and dangerous this assignment really was. "Once you're in hell, only the devil can help you out."

--- --- McCoy

Bloodline | 22 | Open

As the third child of Henry McCoy and Cecilia Reyes, he grew up immersed in mutant issues. However, unlike some of his rabble-rousing siblings, he was a natural observer. At least, he was until Division attempted to place him under arrest. His haemokinesis was believed to be a threat to the public, though he had never committed any crime. The timely intervention of the X-Men freed him before he could be transported to Fort Sheridan. Unfortunately, his escape was not all it seemed. He was dosed with an experimental chemical by Division: the Janus Formula. When he was activated, he betrayed the X-Men and brought Division agents to the Firehouse. Even he didn't know he had been subjected to chemical brainwashing until it happened, and now he's trapped, trying to find a way to break the chemical control and escape Division. "Anything sounds bad when you say it with that attitude." * Please note, this character is bi-racial.

--- --- Rasputin

Sprite | 27 - 30 | Open

Sprite is the daughter of Shadowcat and Colossus, a rabid supporter of the Mutant Human Alliance and one of the first five members recruited into the new X-Men. With the gift of Imperceptibility, Rasputin is able to move about virtually undetectable. Her power is such that every single x-gene test she has ever been subject to has come back negative. It was not until she had a semi-traumatic experience with complete invisibility and inaudibility at the same time, that she realized she was a mutant. The fact that she finally had a power delighted her and given the nature of her ability and her mother's work with the MHA it only seemed right to use it to help people. Unfortunately, she was captured during the raid on the the X-Men’s base of operations. Division knew she'd vanish as soon as they turned her loose, so she's become an unwilling test subject for the Janus Formula. She has no idea what has become of her friends but much to her relief she has recently learned that her little brother, who was also arrested, has escaped Division custody. "No one said it was going to be easy..."
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The Brotherhood

Raven Darkholme

Mystique | Old Af | Adoptable

The brotherhood was never truly gone, their orders simply changed. Watching the man who almost single handedly reshaped the global acceptance for homosuperior and humans get brutally murdered by a government with a zero tolerance contingency has a way of pissing off a lot of people. After discovering the global conspiracy to assassinate key figures in order to win the war, Mystique tried in vain to get her Intel to the right people; but she was too late. Charles and Erik were lost. Any ties that she had to the life she knew before the reign of blood and the events of M-Day were lost in the ashes of post war slaughter.

Heavy was the burden for Mystique when she stepped into the shoes of her former guru. Since then she has forgone the usual practice of active recruiting and has simply protected the few remaining members as a sort of estranged family. Most of her charges were only children when she took over, so they've had a good number of years to grow and learn not only their mutations and how to use them, but of the philosophies exampled by Magneto. A number of the younger mutants in the group were raised by the shapeshifter herself, but there were a few left to their own devices, who have since been tapped back into active duty now that Division has crossed lines that are unforgivable. Mystique's orphans of war combined with the well seasoned vets have become far more than a team, they are a family.*marvel canon "That which is done out of love always takes place beyond what is good and evil"


Juggernaut | Old | Open

In 2024 Marko became the first high profile mutant to ever publicly thwart and evade the MCEA at every turn. It's safe to say that he has been at the very top of every MCEA/Division shit-list that has been produced ever since. Breaking out of Rykers and subsequently allowing for almost a dozen others to do the same, on top of royally fucking up the head of the MCEA's Christmas tends to do that. His return to the Brotherhood had little to do with the mutant supremacy ideals and more to do with a deeply rooted refusal to sit back and do nothing. He's been to Rykers, he knows what they do there and that Division has managed to wind its way into almost every level of the government. Unlike his twin sons, the Juggernaut himself is not a mutant but rather the Avatar of Cytorrak. *marvel canon “Sticks and stones, love. I saved your life, you saved mine. We're square.”

Sidony M. Keller

Hellion | 25 | Vera

Keller was only five years old when her father lead the mutant attack on the pentagon. She knew nothing of this, only that her father never came home. She was raised alongside a few other "orphans of war" primarily by Mystique. Mutants first, is practically the only way of life she's ever really known. She's stubborn, fiercely independent and aspects of the Brotherhood mentality have also affected her in a positive light. She's not likely to let anyone push her around or treat her as a lesser citizen because she's younger, a mutant and/or female. With an X-Factor like Odynokinesis (Pain Manipulation) she sure as hell can make anyone pay for their stupidity. Or you know, keep them in line. "People don’t always tell the truth when you’re polite."

M. --- Eisenhardt

Legacy | 28 | Open

In his days Magneto tried just about everything to stop what he knew was coming and even died trying. Even though he is gone his final attempt at creating a world for mutants lives on, through his son. Or rather, his clone. Ever since this simple, elegant idea was thought up and put into action Legacy's bloodline has been a well kept secret. Raised primarily by Mystique, she made sure he saw it all. The way mutants live all across the world, from places like Wakanda where mutants are honored to Russia where they were slaughtered. Legacy is not a master of magnetism, as the plan was not to create a second Magneto. No, he has the power of Bestowal. Legacy can turn humans into mutants - though he can't control the power they'll manifest. He can reactivate a depowered mutant’s power, steal their powers or in some cases give mutants power enhancements. Reactivating a depowered mutant's ability is one thing but for a human to become a mutant there is a price; natural humans always seem to lose one thing or another to make room for an activated X-Gene. “What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?”

Victoria L. Creed

Sabercat | 28 | Kee

Over the course of an unknown number of years the mutant known as Sabertooth intentionally knocked up women throughout his travels. Sabercat is only one of an unknown number of bastards, and one of the few known ones to still be alive. She never knew her father, only his reputation and through other people. She changed her surname to Creed once she found out who and what she was. Of all of Victor's children Sabercat's mutation is the closest to being an exact replication of Sabertooth's original X-Factor. Her only known sibling is her elder half-brother Caius, who opted not to stick with the brotherhood post-war. "Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet."

Ewan J. MacTaggert

Fuck You | 35 | Nerys

Ewan MacTaggert is the son of Moria MacTaggert and Charles Xavier, but make no mistake, he is not his father's son. Gifted with the ability of Telepathy and it’s subset of Memory Manipulation, Ewan is able to read the thoughts or erase the short term memory of anyone he encounters. Born and raised in Scotland, he has been in exile from the world in Edinburgh for the better half of his adult years. As luck would have it (be it good or bad luck) this was where he ran into a certain cosmic clone with whom he accidentally formed a psychic bond. Recent developments within the world at large have given him a need to travel to the states. "Everyone dies alone."

Isla M. Moore

Figment | 3 | Mags

Isla was not born, she was made from cosmic matter and Jean Grey's genetic template. The latter is why people tend to think that she is another reincarnation of Jean rather than a new being unto herself. Her cosmic awareness and peculiar entrance into existence has caused a disconnect between herself and everyone else. People seem to think she's crazy but she's more like a toddler learning about the world. You know if that toddler had dangerously and wildly uncontrolled Psionic Manipulation. Isla's placement with the Brotherhood is strictly a case of finders keepers. She doesn't have anyone else; The Phoenix Force designed her that way. "She understands. She doesn't comprehend."

--- --- Thrace

Orpheus | 33+ | Open

This elf looking motherfucker is as dangerous as he is beautiful. What makes him dangerous is not his physical capabilities or even his powers - at least not directly, it’s the side-effects you need to watch out for. Thrace’s mutation of Negative Emotion Empowerment works through his ability to absorb emotions, just being within twenty feet of him is enough to seemingly end your (emotional) suffering. In many cases this draws people to him, makes them like him, makes them think they love him because he’s taken away their pain (though it will come back.) Under the right conditions people might even worship him or treat him like a king... which was something that had been taking place when the Brotherhood found him. The rest of the blurb/ad for Thrace can be found here. “This too shall pass.”

--- --- Bradley

Brainiac | 30 - 36 | Open

The child of Doctor Nemesis has spent their entire life running. For the first half it was out of fear of being discovered, and the second half in the name of sport. There is nothing Brainiac loves more than using their x-factor to screw with figures of authority, to the point where it has become something of a game. Bradley can almost always be found with a book in hand, not because they're the studious type but because they have the ability of knowledge replication/absorption. As long as Brainiac holds the book they will know all of the information it holds. "Catch me if you can." note: this character is genderfluid
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The Ghosts

Antigone M. Stark

Ultron | 31 | Mags

There was never a chance that the daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts would be average or live a normal life. Even without her ability super-human abilities, she was always going to be gifted. The Techno-Extremis she was born with is just a perk. Granted, she spent the majority of her life under the belief that she was a technopathic mutant, but she actually falls under the ‘suis generis’ column as a metahuman. Antigone has never once played the pity card in regards to what Division did to her father, and has worked damn hard overcome the stain Division placed on the Stark name. She built her own billion-dollar company, was a co-founder of the new X-Men and will take any opportunity she can to throw a wrench into Division's plans. Even with the X-Men’s current status, Stark still has her fingers in a lot of different pies - including using her X-Resources to run this Ghost Op. “Hemingway once wrote, "The world's a fine place and worth fighting for." I agree with the second part.”

The Combs

The Hive | “19” | Vera

As a part of a sub-experiment the chambers containing the Combs were not stored with the bulk of Weapon XIV and thus some of them miraculously survived the Phoenix Force’s attack. Though they were not physically harmed by the fires that killed their many sisters, the hive mind that bound them all together ensured lasting psychological scars. Their fear of fire is such that within the first ten minutes of being removed from stasis they attacked David Summers for lighting a cigar in their presence. The collective's grown from three to four, and then to five when the first four dredged Irma Cuckoo from Scotland. It is worth noting that their creators laced their bones with nano-technology for added durability and that they have the defensive ability of a diamond form. "The Universe does not grade on a curve. It's strictly pass/ fail."
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